Microsoft office for mac 2011 compatibility with mountain lion

Most developers have had access to the development kit for OS X Lion for some time. Despite this fact, Microsoft has not delivered an update for Office for Mac that would support some of the most exciting new features in OS X Lion. Auto save, Versions, and Auto resume : these are just a few of the features that Microsoft's ubiquitous office suite does not yet take advantage of in the latest OS from Cupertino.

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This creates the possibility that users could potentially come to feel inconvenienced by going back-and-forth between applications that do access these features, and an office suite that does not. If Microsoft does not deliver on these updates within a reasonable amount of time, users may start looking elsewhere for an acceptable alternative.

How to Install Microsoft Office (2011) on Mac super easy! Working 2019 FREE

Many companies are strongly considering moving to open source applications such as Open Office , or cloud-centric web-apps such as Google Docs. A delay in the delivery of Microsoft Office compatibility with key productivity enhancements available in Lion could stifle adoption of the suite by Mac users on the new OS.

Microsoft today confirmed that the two most recent versions of its flagship Office productivity suite for Mac are fully compatible with OS X Mountain Lion.

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Office users are advised to ensure that Microsoft AutoUpdate is enabled so that their installations can be updated as needed to take full advantage of the new operating system. Gatekeeper helps protect users by allowing you to choose to only download and install software from known developers, like Microsoft. Please note that due to the Gatekeeper architecture, updates will not run when you download and initiate them on your desktop; instead please use Microsoft AutoUpdate to keep your copies of Office for Mac current. Top Rated Comments View all.

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Microsoft Office for Mac and OS X Lion - Not Good Friends

Much better than The ad on my page was for Food Lion, which got me thinking Dude, it says is compatible. You should upgrade regardless, but that's still awesome backwards compatibility! Unlike Intuit! I found copy and paste is very sluggish and slow, does anyone have the same experience?

But it works but just not as sharp as other apps on the display is what you mean? I was looking at but might stick with unless I can get a deal and the thrown in the latest Office when I get my new iMac. That's disingenuous and deliberately sensationalized. Office works fine on an MBP Retina. That it does not have Retina graphics does not make it it incompatible.

Microsoft Confirms Office and Compatibility with OS X Mountain Lion - MacRumors

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