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The X-Fi Surround 5. A gloss black fascia and blue power LED create a nice aesthetic for the device. It features a large dial on the front for volume adjustment, and the device is appropriately sized given its connection options; it easily fits into a pocket. Connectivity is quite extensive.

This device also has a headphone output, and two line-level inputs for microphone and other recording use. While it is unlikely that any user will make use of all connections, the wide variety of options allows it to suit most setups. Our testing shows it will work on a plug-and-play basis on most Macs; using it as an external DAC eradicated the pesky line noise common in the Macbook Pro's integrated audio. When used simply as an external DAC, the X-Fi provides a slight increase in audio quality over on-board systems.

We tested it out using the Creative I-Trigue i , a computer-based 2. In both cases, the X-Fi Surround 5. Tonal range was also better, providing a balanced sound across all frequencies the notebook's output was biased slightly towards mid-range frequencies. Setup is easily accomplished through plug-and-play drivers, though full use of the device's capabilities requires the user to install additional software.

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For music, EAX — Creative's marketing term for its environmental audio filters — is largely useless, as it simply adds unneeded reverb and distortion effects to the output sound; it is intended for computer games. X-Fi Crystallizer technology is essentially a dynamic equaliser, designed to improve the sound of compressed audio formats by restoring some of the higher frequencies normally lost in the compression process.

In practice, its effectiveness is heavily dependent on the individual user's sound system. However, users with more common audio setups will notice a difference as the Crystallizer compensates for the unbalanced sound offered by computer systems.

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CMSS3D is designed specifically for surround sound enhancement; again this is largely useful for computer sound systems. Super X-Fi Headphone Holography is real and is now. The challenge has been to make headphones sound as natural as what we experience in the real world around us, rather than sound confined inside our heads unnaturally.

We started this pursuit more than twenty years ago, with the dream to bring this life-changing experience to the world. Do you know headphone audio has been deceiving you all this while? The vast majority of audio tracks created today are meant for external speakers.

As headphone users, we listen to such tracks all the time. This means sound is pumped directly into our ears, creating a claustrophobic audio soundstage, where sound seems unnaturally trapped in our heads. Good headphone audio is a fallacy. In real life, audio is spacious, relaxing, and with depth. And, everyone perceives sound differently based on our individual, unique facial structures, and ear shapes.

To get a natural, magically expansive audio experience that is truly tailor-made for your individuality, audio has to be produced in headphones based on how YOU perceive sound in real life. We use a complex inverse computation on the headphone audio signal to reverse the claustrophobic effect, bringing the source of the sound outside again — so that it sounds natural, just like in the real world.


Furthermore, Super X-Fi personalizes the headphone audio experience based on your unique listening profile, accounting for the complicated pathways of how external sound travels to your ears. Super X-Fi is computational audio; it uses complex algorithms and computationally intensive techniques to custom fit audio, for every individual, through a sophisticated Head and Ear-Mapping process.

This is done by simply taking three photos of your face and ears with your phone. Hundreds of anthropometric parameters are extracted from the features of the head in high precision using real-time image detection and analysis. An artificial intelligence AI engine then uses these parameters along with the dynamics of the targeted headphones, and synthesizes them with a multidimensional map of the desired room acoustics.

This SoC is a highly integrated chip, includes a large cache of fast memory to decode and process up to 8 channels of high-resolution bit 96KHz audio simultaneously. It even has audiophile quality DACs built-in.

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The SXFI chip can reside in headphones, headphone amps, and any suitable hardware devices such as dongles, set-top boxes, and TVs. Super X-Fi can also exist as a software technology in an app, a streaming platform, and even more excitingly in an OS. Although you may use any headphone, we recommend that you use headphones that have been certified for use with Super X-Fi for the best possible experience. Super X-Fi processing with certified headphones accounts and compensates for changes in audio output caused by the headphones to ensure audio reaches your ears as intended.

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1

This personalization needs to be done only once, across all your Super X-Fi devices. It also allows you to sample Super X-Fi magic by playing songs that reside locally on your devices.

No purchase required! Personalize your Super X-Fi audio profile via a simple one-time capture of 3 pictures—right ear, face and left ear. Browse your music library and play!

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Turn off and on Super X-Fi and compare how life-like your audio becomes! You can also add-on appropriate converters to connect other port types. The on-board SXFI chip processes digital audio in accordance with your Super X-Fi profile, and the output goes to your headphones via a 3. It supports headphones with high impedances of up to ohms, powering even studio grade headphones with your mobile devices. This provides maximum audio fidelity and pristine quality yielding up to dB SNR, and 0.

I thought it was a trick I was completely blown away! The comfortable, high-performance, over-ear headphones with large 50mm drivers have been precision tuned for the best possible experience with Super X-Fi. The headphone comes with a built-in Super X-Fi UltraDSP processor, which means that all you need is a Bluetooth connection to your smart device to enjoy the magic of Super X-Fi with any of your content sources. Removable Ear-Pads The comfortable breathable mesh-fabric ear-pads are designed for long listening sessions, and are easily changeable so you can replace them, or remove them for cleaning.

Super X-Fi Your Phone Calls Experience the mind-bending holographic reality of the caller being in the same room as you. And now to see how many have been blown away by its magical performance is something truly fulfilling for me on a personal level.