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Edraw is a comparable tool to Visio for Mac with all the functions that Visio has for diagram design. Edraw contains more than symbols and templates, which far exceeds Visio. Choose a library title to get the symbols you need, and drag-and-drop to use them.

Under each diagram category, you can find extensive ready-made templates related to specific topics. The templates help you start quickly and save time. Edraw allows you to import and edit old Visio. The imported Visio files are still in vector format and available for further modification. Also, the Edraw documents can be exported to Visio format, which is convenient for collaborating with Visio users. The cloud storage makes it easy for team members to collaborate on projects. The entire team can save process, co-edit documents, and share feedback through the cloud.

View in browser - no plugins or download required. The online viewer makes it easier for your customers and co-workers to view your design, share via link, or even download the original file. Download Visio Mac right now!

Microsoft Visio Standard 2016

You'll be surprised by its abundant symbols and templates, amazed by how easy it works, and satisfied with the price and service. Try it now! Office Efficiency. Graphic Design.

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Special Industry. The biggest plus is that Draw. As soon as you visit the Draw. The other attractive thing about Draw. There are two Chrome browser extensions — one that allows you to work offline on your desktop and another which adds Draw. The other Draw. For individuals or students looking for an alternative to Visio, Draw. On the downside, Draw. There are little more than 70 templates and the objects are both basic and limited in choice.

It also has a huge online library of clipart courtesy of integration with the free open source OpenClipArt resource which you can drag and drop into Pencil. Cacoo is a fresh and clean cloud based diagramming software that allows you to create up to 6 diagrams for free. If you do a lot of mind mapping on Visio, then XMind may be the perfect choice for you.

XMind is focused on brainstorming and mind mapping in a clean, easy to use interface that looks great on Mac.

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XMind is idea for business plans or brainstorming ideas for products and sales campaigns. XMind has a free Mac desktop app so you can work offline but you can also use the Cloud version too. Google Drawings is the closest thing to a Google Visio alternative. If you just want to sketch out some simple process flows, mindmaps or flowcharts, it is however an easy to use solution. You only need a Google Account to use Google Drawings although the best way to use it is via the Chrome extension which also allows you to work offline.

Visio for Mac - 3 best alternatives to view Visio files

You can also add it to other documents via a link which will dynamically update the diagram when you modify it. The number of shapes, connectors and other objects are limited and it can be laggy to use but if you want a really basic alternative to MS Visio, it does the job. Finally, ProcessOn is a free Chinese based web app which allows you to create diagrams online for free. However, the website is entirely in Chinese but if you install the Chrome extension , you can use it in English.

ProcessOn is designed particularly with real-time collaboration in mind and has millions of diagrams and charts to help you compose quickly. You can see the sorts of diagrams and organizational charts possible with ProcessOn in the Explore section. Note that the developer is based in China and usage of Processon must follow Chinese law.

The lack of English translations for certain aspects of the app is quite frustrating too. Microsoft released Visio Online in to allow commercial Windows Office subscribers to view and edit Visio files without actually having Visio installed.

Download Visio for Mac - Best Software & Apps

You can only open, view, comment and do basic editing of Visio files but for advanced editing, it automatically takes you to the Windows desktop version of Visio which of course, is not available to Mac users. You can watch an overview of Visio Online for more. If these tools all seem a bit lightweight for your needs, check out our guide to the best professional alternatives to Visio for Mac. Or if you decide that only the real thing will do, check out our guide on how to run Visio on Mac.

Finally, you may also be interested in some tips on how to view Visio files on Mac for free. If you have any other comments, questions or issues with the software featured here, let us know in the comments below. I have been looking for an alternative for quite a while — this is really helpful. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Email Address. Home Best Software. If you need to use them in a team, you will have to pay for a team license. Free diagramming tools usually limit the number of diagrams you can create and the number of objects available unless you upgrade.

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Some apps also make your diagrams public in the free version. You usually have to upgrade to make them private. Lucidchart Lucidchart is a powerful but insanely easy to use online alternative to Visio. Gliffy Gliffy is a cloud based diagraming app with a clear, simple interface that is focused on collaboration with others. Pros: Easy to use Strong team collaboration focus Chrome extension for offline diagramming Cons: Free version makes all diagrams public Not many templates Embedding requires subscription No Visio export support 3. Pros: Free Mac desktop app Imports Visio files Easy to use, clean interface Plenty of templates Cons: Free version limited to 5 diagrams Free version makes diagrams public No native Visio export support 4.

Dia Dia was one of the first free Mac desktop diagramming tools out there but nowadays is pretty dated. Pros: Very powerful for a free Visio alternative No free use limitations Virtual reality support Cons: Desktop app based on Java Not easy to use Will eventually require payment for commercial use 7. Pros: Completely free to use for individuals with no limits Visio import and export support including VSDX files Integration with lots of online services Quick to start and easy to get going Chrome extension allows you to work offline too Cons: Very limited objects and templates VSDX export not always accurate still in beta Quite basic compared to Visio Teams must pay for connections to Confluence No Cloud integration with Chrome desktop extension 8.

Cacoo Cacoo is a fresh and clean cloud based diagramming software that allows you to create up to 6 diagrams for free. Cacoo is also very team focused allowing you to chat in real time with other members. Pros: Slick, fresh interface Visio import support Lots of templates Cons: Free version only allows 6 diagrams for free Pros: Excellent for Mind Mapping Mac desktop app No limit on use in free version Cons: Most features such as exporting require upgrading ProcessOn Finally, ProcessOn is a free Chinese based web app which allows you to create diagrams online for free.