Mac office 2011 delete section break

Invisible, undeletable Word 2011 section breaks - please help!!!

I have back-space deleted from a point past the skip and again all that happened was that, after I deleted all the text from that point to the beginning of the document, the break just moved down. In fact sometimes only the first character in the document was in section one, the second character on was in section three. I have added additional section breaks before the unwanted skip and all that happened was that the the section numbers then skipped from 2 to 4, or 5 to7 or whatever.

I am running out of time Achaia please help!

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Try turning on 'Track Changes' an play with the different display options: I've had foot notes hiding in the deleted section of a document and screwing up auto-numbering of foot notes. That sucked! I find that in Word, switching to "Web Layout" view makes it easier to deal with errant section breaks.

How to Remove, Delete Section Break in Word

Caveat: this is in Word for Windows. I'm pretty sure Word for OS X has a similar, if not the same, option. Much thanks for the suggestions. I have now tried both but unfortunately neither got rid of the invisible section. I too considered the copy-and-paste solution - but only briefly since the document in question is a little over pages long. Are any of the MS people reading this?

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I could really use a little help here. I retired a couple of years ago, so I am no longer a user of MS Word. However, I needed to use it for many years. At various times and with various versions both in Windows and Mac OS X, I experienced a few instances of unrepairable formatting problems similar to your non-removeable section breaks. There may have been some better and more elegant way to fix these documents, but what I always did was create a new document, paste things from the old to the new and discard the original document.

In your case you would need to do a formatted copy and paste of each section in one at a time. No guarantees it would work, but maybe worth a try, unless your document is huge and just too cumbersome to do all the necessary cutting and pasting. Edit: Tried to remove spurious extra post, but apparently this can't be deleted.

MS has a "troubleshooting word" knowledgeable article that calls for starting up in safe mode, checking disks, etc. Basically rule out everything but Word before trying to see if Word is the problem.

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But you could try going to the Tools menu and selecting "Templates and Add-Ins" and seeing what template you have selected there. If it's anything but Normal. Sometimes a corrupt template can cause document formatting errors.

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  • You can also try attaching a different template than Normal. You can tell this is going on when an empty document has an unreasonable size because of hidden formatting and edit changes due to how Word handles edits. Corrupt fonts can also cause strange behaviors as Word may misbehave when applying styles or formatting when a bad font is loaded. Ultimately, copy and paste may be your only choice. Much continuing thanks for all the suggestions.

    The document has in fact been "Save As"ed over and over again as a form of version control - it's not the way I'd have done it but a lot of the technical aspects of this are out of my hands; but it didn't seem unreasonable either. I just tried copying and pasting the entire document all at once into a new blank one and doing so seems to have eliminated the spurious section woo hoo!

    I don't yet know if this created any new issues and the new copy will need to be re-proofed to make sure that it is faithful to the previously proofed original the text itself had been blessed, it was just the formatting that was messed up. As this was scheduled for submission on Thursday I guess that it now looks like that is no longer going to happen. A solution that fixes the original problem in the original document is still more than welcome!

    How to remove all section breaks in Word?

    Honest to God, Word is now how old? And a lot of these sorts of things have never worked right.

    Unable to remove Continuous Section Break in Word document

    Maybe just for a little bit stop re-inventing the interface and adding features and just make the f'ing existing features actually work right. I know that it is really hard. For instance, you might want to print part of or an entire page in landscape in the middle of a document that's using portrait orientation.

    To do so, you'd insert a new section for the landscape components and format that section as landscape. The sections before and after would remain in portrait. To access section breaks, click the Page Layout tab. Issues sometimes arise when users apply Next Page rather than Continuous because Word inserts a page break, and that might not be what the user wanted. A column break, accessible via the Breaks option see above pushes columnar text to the next column. It breaks a column, not a page, but sometimes, it does create an automatic page break.

    When you insert a column break in the last column on a page, the break also acts as a page break. It makes sense as Word can't push the text into a column that doesn't exist - the only option is the next page. If you don't want the page break, you'll have to delete the column break. These aren't the only possibilities, but they're the most common troublemakers. Understanding how breaks work and using the right one for the job is the key.

    Applying the right break will stop troublesome breaks before they occur and allow users to adjust breaks correctly, as needed. Susan Sales Harkins is an IT consultant, specializing in desktop solutions.

    Automatically Number Lines in Word for Mac - dummies

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