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Both received several updates and Core 2 Duo processors later in The product's second iteration, known as the "unibody" model, has a casing made from a single piece of aluminum. It debuted in October in and inch screen sizes. In January , the inch model was updated with the same unibody design. Subsequent updates brought upgraded Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduced Intel's Thunderbolt technology. The previous generation and inch unibody models continued to sell with updated processors.

The third generation model is thinner than its predecessor and is the first to include a high-resolution Retina Display. A inch variant was released in October The fourth generation MacBook Pro was announced on October 27, This generation replaced all data ports with USB-C , and with the exception of the baseline model, replaced the function keys with an interactive touchscreen strip called the "Touch Bar" with a Touch ID sensor integrated into the Power button.

These features were later brought over to the MacBook. The optical drive was reduced in size in order to fit into the slimmer MacBook Pro, hence it runs slower than the optical drive in the PowerBook G4 and cannot write to dual layer DVDs. All first generation inch models have two USB 2.

OVERVIEW: Apple MacBook Pro (Mid 2012)

Hard drive capacity was increased, although video card options stayed the same. On November 1, , Apple added the option of a 2. On February 26, , the MacBook Pro line was again updated. On October 14, , in a press event at company headquarters , Apple officials announced a new inch MacBook Pro featuring a "precision aluminum unibody enclosure" and tapered sides similar to those of the MacBook Air.

The unibody-construction MacBook Pro largely follows the styling of the original aluminum iMac and the MacBook Air and is slightly thinner than its predecessor, albeit wider and deeper due to the widescreen display. This version diverged from its inch sibling with an anti-glare "matte" screen option with the glossy finish standard and a non user-removable lithium polymer battery.

Adaptive charging, which uses a chip to optimize the charge flow to reduce wear and tear, extends the battery's overall life. Thunderbolt technology, Sandy Bridge dual core Intel Core i5 and i7 on the inch model or quad-core i7 on the and inch models processors, and a high definition FaceTime camera were added on February 24, Later editions of these models, following the release of OS X Lion, replaced the dashboard F4 key with a launchpad key.

The chassis bottoms are also engraved differently from the models. After a media event on October 22, Apple discontinued all second generation MacBook Pros except for the entry-level 2. MacBook Pro inch was available in the following versions: mid , late , early , Mid and Mid [55]. Some reviewers praised the new laptop's performance and compact size, [30] the quality of the screen, and sturdy unibody build, [30] which allowed easier upgrading of internal components as compared to the original models. Reviewers lamented the loss of a matte screen option for the unibody MacBook Pro, noting the reflectiveness of the screen in sunlight, even when its brightness was turned all the way up.

While the LED screen means a thinner lid and some battery life benefits, the edge-to-edge glass covering the entire display panel grabs stray light rays with ease, making the glossy screen hard to see in some lighting conditions. Laptop Magazine ' s Michael Prospero praised the inch model's display, calling it "bright and crisp".

He further commented, "While reflections from the glossy display weren't overwhelming, it's also nice to know there's an antiglare option—though only for the higher resolution display. Still, colors were bright, blacks were deep and dark, and viewing angles were excellent both vertically and horizontally. CNET praised the automatic graphics switching features of the and inch models as well as the graphics cards themselves. Acclaim was also given to the Core i5 and i7 CPUs, the multi-touch trackpad, and the addition of audio capabilities to the Mini DisplayPort video output.

The firm is also investigating similar cases across the United States. This "will repair affected MacBook Pro systems, free of charge". The program covered affected MacBook Pro models until December 31, or four years from original date of sale. The new models omit Ethernet and FireWire ports, though Apple offers Thunderbolt adapters for both interfaces.

Apple also claims improved speakers and microphones and a new system for cooling the notebook with improved fans. The Retina models also have fewer user-accessible upgrade or replacement options than previous MacBooks. Unlike in previous generations, the memory is soldered onto the logic board and is therefore not upgradable. The solid state drive is not soldered and can be replaced by users, although it has a proprietary connector and form factor. While the battery is glued in, recycling companies have stated that the design is only "mildly inconvenient" and does not hamper the recycling process.

In any case, Apple offer a free recycling service via any of their stores and have no issue with separating the materials. On February 13, , Apple announced updated prices and processors and increased the memory of the high-end inch model to 16 GB. The lower-end inch model only included integrated graphics while the higher-end model continued to include a discrete Nvidia graphics card in addition to integrated graphics.

On March 9, , the inch model was updated with Intel Broadwell processors, Iris graphics, faster flash storage, increased battery life, and a Force Touch trackpad. The Retina Display MacBook Pro largely follows the design of the previous generation with its aluminum enclosure and separated black keys. The most apparent body changes are a thinner chassis and a display with a redesigned hinge and thinner bezel and the removal of the internal optical drive. The power button is moved from the upper right corner of the chassis onto the keyboard, taking the place of the optical disc eject button.

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The model name is no longer placed at the bottom of the screen bezel; instead, it is found on the underside of the chassis, similar to an iOS device. It is the first Macintosh laptop to not have its model name visible during normal use, as every prior laptop had its model name on the screen bezel or keyboard. The third generation MacBook Pro received positive reviews of the Retina Display, flash storage and power.

It was criticized, however, for its high price and lack of an Ethernet port and optical drive. Roman Loyola of Macworld said that the Retina MacBook Pro was "groundbreaking" and made people "rethink how they use technology". He praised the inclusion of USB 3. This new version adds to that with HDMI, faster ports, and more portability.

But it also subtracts from that with its exclusion of an optical drive and Ethernet port, plus its very high starting price. The Pro and Retina Pro are clearly two laptops designed for two different users, and with the exception of all-day commuters who need something closer to a MacBook Air or ultrabook, one of the two branches of the MacBook Pro family tree is still probably the most universally useful laptop you can buy. He praised its "brilliant Retina display", the thin design, port selection and speedy storage, and highlighted the expandability via Thunderbolt ports which support up to seven devices each.

They criticized the lack of a SuperDrive , pricing, and the MagSafe 2 power connector's lack of backwards compatibility with the older MagSafe design. In , one year after the introduction of the fourth generation of the MacBook Pro , the original lead developer of Tumblr Marco Arment wrote an evocative article in which he declared the third-generation MacBook Pro the best laptop ever made. Since the battery is glued in and cannot be easily disassembled for recycling an EPEAT requirement , Apple received criticisms about the machine's ability to be recycled.

Greenpeace spokesman Casey Harrell said Apple "has pitted design against the environment—and chosen design. They're making a big bet that people don't care, but recycling is a big issue. Apple offers a free recycling service via any of their stores and says it has no issue with separating the materials.

Last June , Apple determined that a limited number of inch MacBook Pros sold during September has imposing a risk of swelling and risk of fire. Apple launched a battery recall program for these model of MacBook Pros []. Optional 2. Optional 3. Apple unveiled fourth generation and inch MacBook Pro models during a press event at their headquarters on October 27, All models, except the baseline inch model, introduced the Touch Bar, a multi-touch enabled OLED strip built into the top of the keyboard in place of the function keys.

The Touch Bar models also include a sapphire-glass covered Touch ID sensor at the right end of the Touch Bar which doubles as a power button. The models also introduce a "second-generation" butterfly mechanism keyboard that provided more travel than the first iteration implemented on the Retina MacBook. All ports have been replaced with either two or four combination Thunderbolt 3 ports that support USB-C 3. All versions are able to output to a 5K display, with the inch models capable of two.

The inch models include a discrete Radeon Pro , or graphics card in addition to the integrated Intel graphics.

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Additionally, Apple introduced a cheaper lower-end inch model which lacks the Touch Bar in favor of function keys, and has only two USB-C ports. The flash storage in the Touch Bar models is soldered to the logic board and is not upgradeable, while in the inch model without Touch Bar, it is removable, but difficult to replace, as it is a proprietary format of SSD storage.

Additionally, the inch model now comes with a GB storage option, down from the base GB storage. On July 12, , Apple updated the Touch Bar models with Intel Coffee Lake quad-core processors in inch models and six-core processors in inch models, updated graphics cards, improved third-generation butterfly keyboards, Bluetooth 5 , T2 SoC Chip , True Tone display technology, and larger capacity batteries. On May 21, Apple announced updated Touch Bar models with newer processors, with an eight-core Core i9 standard for the higher-end inch model, and an updated keyboard manufactured with "new materials" across the line.

The fourth generation MacBook Pro follows the design of the previous two generations with an all-metal unibody enclosure and separated black keys. A few apparent design changes are a thinner chassis, thinner screen bezel, larger trackpad, the OLED Touch Bar, and shallower butterfly mechanism keyboard with less key separation than the previous models. The speakers grilles have been relocated to the sides of the keyboard on the inch variant. Tear downs show that the speaker grilles on the inch model with Touch Bar are "largely cosmetic", and that sound output mostly comes through the side vents.

The MacBook Pro model name returns to the bottom of the screen bezel in Apple's San Francisco font after being absent from the third generation. As with the Retina MacBook , the new models replace the backlit white Apple logo on the rear of the screen with a glossy black opaque version. Instead, the MacBook Pro emits a chime when connected to power. The laptop now boots automatically when the lid is opened. The battery life of the new models also received mixed reception, with outlets reporting inconsistent battery life and inaccurate estimates of time remaining on battery by the operating system.

Apple addressed the latter by hiding the display of estimated battery time remaining entirely in a macOS update. However, Apple and Consumer Reports found that the results had been affected by a bug caused by disabling caching in Safari 's developer tools. Consumer Reports performed the tests again with a patched macOS, and retracted its original assessment. The entire assembly uses proprietary pentalobe screws and cannot be disassembled with standard tools.

A report by AppleInsider has claimed that the updated butterfly keyboard fails twice as often as previous models, often due to particles stuck beneath the keys. And it ended up running at 2. On July 24, Apple released a software fix for the new MacBook Pros which addressed the thermal throttling issue. Apple said "there is a missing digital key in the firmware that impacts the thermal management system and could drive clock speeds down under heavy thermal loads on the new MacBook Pro".

A "limited number" of inch MacBook Pro units without Touch Bar, manufactured between October and October , may have the built-in battery expanded, which is also known as "swelling". Apple initiated a free replacement program for eligible units. A "limited number" of GB and GB solid-state drives used in inch MacBook Pro non-Touch Bar units have an issue that may result in data loss and failure of the drive. This resulted in Apple launching a repair program for those affected — the repair involves the update of firmware.

Some users are reporting kernel panics on models, possibly because of the T2 chip. Apple is already aware of the issue and performing an investigation. Users have reported malfunctioning display cables, causing uneven lighting at the bottom of the screen and ultimately display failure. The problem has been tracked to a cable, stressed from opening and closing the laptop.

The entire display needs to be replaced in affected units. The fourth generation MacBook Pro received mixed reviews. The display, build quality, and audio quality were praised but many complaints went toward the keyboard butterfly switch, the touch bar not being useful in many applications due to a lack of development for it, and the lack of any USB-A ports, HDMI port or an SD card slot.

Ars Technica noted that the second-generation keyboard with firm keys was a "drastic departure" from previous Retina MacBook keyboards. It further noted that resting palms may brush the trackpad occasionally causing inadvertent cursor jumps onscreen as the laptop interprets this as input, without one's hands or wrists actually resting on it. I agree with Apple's vision of the future.

I'm just not buying it today. Engadget voiced their concerns that "by doing things like removing full-sized USB ports, the memory card reader and even the Function row, Apple seems to have forgotten how many of us actually work". I had to keep looking down at the bar instead of looking at the images I was actually trying to edit. Developers have their share of headaches because they cannot rely on the Touch Bar being present on every machine that runs their software. Even if Apple makes the Touch Bar an integral part of macOS, it will take "many years" for it to become ubiquitous, in the meantime anything in the Bar needs to be available through another part of the interface.

Other items of critique were non-compatibility between Thunderbolt 2 and 3 devices, frequently unpleasant fan whine noises in idle CPU states on the larger screen 15" models were reported, where the two integrated fans run all the time by default. He ultimately said that "for most people, [the MacBook Pro] is just way too expensive and overpriced. Optional 1. The macOS operating system has been pre-installed on all MacBook Pros since release, starting with version EFI handles booting differently from BIOS-based computers, [] but provides backwards compatibility, allowing dual and triple boot configurations.

Officially, this is limited to both bit and bit versions of Windows XP , Vista , 7 , 8 , and 10 with the necessary hardware drivers included with the Boot Camp software.

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Heavy for an Apple product. Way heavier than the Air. Not to mention that if I do carry it around carelessly, my SSD or my hard disc may get displaced.

Apple MacBook Pro MD101HN/A A1278

Which means opening up the whole device, positioning the drives, closing it up, checking whether it works or not, etc. And as it is a 7-year-old device, it does get hot when I work too much on it. Rather, more when I bother it with heavier programs. The operating system runs smoothly and I hardly ever get annoyed at it.

It has been falling off of anywhere and hardly ever anything happens to it. There was this period when I used to carry my laptop inside a women handbag. It fit and it seemed convenient for me at the time. But one evening, I came home to find a white screen and a flashing folder with a question mark on my screen. So, I went to the guy I bought the MacBook from and he had a quick solution to it — a piece of cardboard to hold the disc in place. And trust me, to this day I am still with that cardboard and my operating system keeps running as smoothly as ever.

There are so many things I love about this device. It has been with me for 3 years, almost never failing me. One of the things I adore about it is the little dots on the side, which show you the percentage of your battery when you press a little button. Apple has removed this feature from its new devices. Another feature that I love is that it has so many ports.

It looks super techy and cool. I must be the only one who has an Ethernet port and can simply use LAN cable without dongles USB to Ethernet cable which is a great benefit for me because when the Internet is bad at work I can put my cable and continue to work without any hassle.

Also, the keyboard is little and compact unlike any other keyboard of the Lenovo I was looking to buy. I love the multi-touch trackpad of the MacBooks. It supports inertial scrolling, pinch, rotate, swipe, three-finger swipe, four-finger swipe, tap, double-tap and drag capabilities, which immediately eliminates the need for a mouse. The processor of the Apple MacBook Pro, which is 2. The native resolution of the built-in display is by and I find it not good enough for playing games or even watching movies.