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Add the extension to your web browser. The way this is done is slightly different from one web browser to the next. Use the following steps to add the Cold Turkey extension to your web browser. Safari: The Cold Turkey extension is added to Safari automatically. Chrome: Click Add to chrome in the pop-up at the top. Click Add extension.

Click Ok. Enable the extension in your web browser. The extension must be enabled in your web browser. If it is not enabled, Cold Turkey will shut down your web browser within 30 seconds. Use the following steps to check to see if Cold Turkey is enabled on your web browser. Safari: Click Safari in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Click Preferences in the drop-down menu. Click the Extensions tab. Click the checkbox next to "Cold Turkey". Click More Tools in the drop-down menu.

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Click Extensions. Click the toggle switch below the Cold Turkey extension. It should be blue. Click Add ons. Click Extensions in the sidebar to the left. Click Enable next to Cold Turkey. Open the Cold Turkey app again. If should be in the Dock at the bottom of the screen. If it's not already open, you can search for the app using the Spotlight Search icon, or click on it in your Applications folder in the Finder. If you see a pop-up with a green button that says "Restart Required" next to any web browser. Click the green button to restart your browser.

Then click Close. Click Edit block lists. It's the green button at the bottom of the "Dashboard" page. Alternative, you can click the "Block Lists" option in the menu to the left. This creates a new list of blocked sites. Cold Turkey also has a pre-installed list called "Distractions" with 54 common sites already listed.

Type a name for the list. Use the bar at the top labeled "New Block List" to type the name of your block list. Type a web address at the top of the list and press Return. Use the bar that says "Type URL, then press the return key" to enter a website you want to block. For example, if you want to block Facebook, you would type www.

Add as many websites as you want.

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To remove a website from the list, click the website, then click Remove. Click Save. When you are finished entering all the websites you want to block, click Save to save the list. To Edit a block list, click the "Block Lists" option on the left, they click Edit below a list name. Click the Timers option. It's below an icon that resembles a clock in the menu to the left. Click the calendar icon next to a block list name. The Timers screen displays all block lists you have created.

Click the icon that resembles a calendar next to the block list you want to use. Click the day, hour, and minute you want the timer to end. You can set the timer for as many days as you want. If you want to set an hourly timer, click the current day. Click the toggle switch to activate the timer. It's on the left side across from the list name. This displays a confirmation pop-up. Click Yes. This confirms that you want to set a timer and blocks the websites in the block list for the set amount of time.

Method 3. Open the Apple Menu. Click System Preferences. It's in the second option in the drop-down menu below the Apple icon. Click Parental Controls. You'll find this option in the System Preferences window. It has a yellow icon that resembles a big and little person.

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Click the lock icon. This is in the bottom-left corner of the screen. Enter your username and password. Doing so will unlock the menu and allow you to make changes to the parental controls settings. You must be on an administrator account to do this. Select a user. Click a user's account name in the left-hand pane.

This will select the account. You cannot select your own account. If no users are listed, select "Create a new user account with Parental Controls" and click Continue. Click Web. This tab is at the top of the window. Check the "Try to limit access to adult websites" box. It's near the top of the window. Click Customize.

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You'll find this option below the "Try to limit access to adult websites" text. Click it will take you to a menu. Doing so will open a text box. Type in a website's address. This should be the address of the site that you want to block. For example, to block Twitter, you'd type in www. Doing so enters the address. Your specified site will now be blocked in the selected account's Safari browser. The IP address -- it is not clear on how to obtain it.

How can I block a website if I cannot display the IP? It does not display anything because you likely don't have a web server set up on your computers. Rerouting facebook. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 1. How can I unblock the sites I have blocked? I have tried reversing what was written previously, but I can't edit the sites I entered. Simply double-click the "hosts" file, and it should open up in your default text editor. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 0. Unanswered Questions. Is the SelfControl app really safe?

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