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They aren't good for numerical analysis. Mac, Windows, and Linux computers all come with a shell installed.

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Mac computers come with the Terminal application. Windows comes with PowerShell. Here are some popular commands for working with big CSVs in the shell. SQL Databases are applications for querying, aggregating, and updating rows of data. They can be difficult to set up but are remarkably powerful. Microsoft Access is Microsoft's desktop database tool. It comes with a user interface for importing CSVs and querying them. Access is included in the Microsoft Office Professional Suite or can be downloaded here.

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Python is a general-purpose programming language and contains many of the same functions as SQL. It's easier to load a CSV into Python than into a database. Python is the tool-of-choice for many data scientists and statisticians.

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  • Python comes pre-installed on Mac computers, and can be opened by opening the Terminal and typing python. For Windows, you can download Python here. Modify your CSV data grid easily. You can sort lines alphabetically or numerically, move columns right or left or delete columns. Or set your first CSV row as a header row. Subscribe to our mailing list Yes, I want to subscribe to the newsletter containing information about Tablecruncher and related products.

    You may opt out of receiving these newsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe link in each email. You'll find more information about the data that is stored by our techical processor and the tracking you'll accept by subscribing in our Privacy Policy. What's the newest version? At the moment 1. This version has been released on Jul 4, What are CSV files? CSV files are text files containing tabular data.


    The fields of the tables are separated by a special character, usually a comma, while a line break denotes a new record. Where's the formal definition for CSV files? There is no formal definition, it's an ad-hoc-format. There exists an RFC that describes a best practice approach, but it's in no way an official formal definition. Does Tablecruncher run on macOS Mojave?

    Tad - A Desktop Viewer App for Tabular Data

    Yes, the application runs on macOS Dark mode is supported, but the appropriate theme has to be chosen manually. Why does Tablecruncher not look like a typical Mac application?

    How To Merge Multiple CSV Files on MacBook Pro for FREE!

    So, Tablecruncher is not written with an Apple-only tech stack. Result is a really fast application, but I know it never will win any design price.

    CSView 1.3.3 for Windows

    It aims to be a tool and like real tools it's not necessarily beautiful. I miss a feature. How can I request it being implemented? Just send an email to info tablecruncher.

    The lightweight, yet powerful CSV Editor for your Mac.

    I'll be happy to include it on my ever growing list of planned features, but make no promise that it'll ever be implemented. Not convinced yet? Just download Tablecruncher for free and use it a fast CSV viewer — forever!