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Microsoft Outlook Express cannot open a corrupt DBX file and unluckily, you have no more time to repair the file.

SysTools DBX to PST Converter [Official]- How to Convert Outlook Express DBX Files into PST Files

Are you wondering if there is a solution? Yes, you have come to the right place! Click Here. Generally file viewer is not that much effective in case of corrupt files but this DBX viewer tool is smartly designed to support corrupt DBX files.

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  • Outlook Express DBX Viewer to Open, View and Read DBX Files.

If the file is corrupt, it will be scanned first and then the mailbox data will be displayed within a couple of seconds. Even the Microsoft Outlook Express is not at all required for viewing the files.

Move Outlook Express to Mac Mail to access and view DBX files in Mac Mail

If you are having multiple DBX files and you want to view all of them, then this tool is ideal for that task. Multiple files selection is possible with this free DBX file Viewer tool and you can view the mailbox data of selected files at the same time. These modes are here to handle corrupt DBX files issues and to make them viewable to the viewer.

This is an efficient tool, which not only helps to view, scan, read and open your Outlook Express DBX files, but on the top of that, it doesn't cause any modification to your files. The compatibility facilitates the tool to run smoothly under all versions of Windows operating systems, including latest Windows. Important Note: Remember this is just a file viewer tool, so you cannot save your mailbox data.


Watch the online video and get help in understanding the features of the software. And also learn how to view.

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Yes, you can easily view your normal. As this is a freeware viewer, you can't save the data of your corrupt. This freeware will help you open or view your. Definitely, our software is smart enough to open multiple DBX files in a single run. You can add the desired files which you want to read with the help of the tool and it will open them at the same time. The import tools are easy to find in either program. Or you can try the. Star added.

Moving emails from Outlook Express to Mac OS X

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Please try again later. Since mine include "inbox," "outbox," drafts," "sent," etc. Then she would have to forward a year's worth of email to me, and then delete it all, then rename her file structure back to the way she had it originally? This might work. I'm going to try it and will post back if it works, but it may be a couple of weeks.

Cocoagirl: Yes, that is probably what you'd have to do. IIRC though, the file set is in one or maybe two folder subtrees. Apparently I misunderstood how much data you wanted to recover. Mailing a bunch of documents wouldn't be too troublesome; a year's worth of mail could be a real pain. Sorry if my suggested approach dead-ends here. On review, jkaczor's approach gets my vote for getting you around the problem of having to archive friend's mail, assuming the VHD includes OE.

You'd still have the data transfer problem, but it would degenerate to a local file copy rather than emailing, if you plan to run the VHD on the target machine or another machine connected to the same LAN. I may try a different VHD, but they all seem to be the same file type. What happens when police find dead people?