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User profile for user: John Planckaert John Planckaert. Jan 7, PM in response to macsrule In response to macsrule I think he's asking if each space can have it's own dock. Space 1 with it's own dock, and space 2 with a totally different dock.

Mac OSX Spaces/Desktops: Using Multiple Monitors with the Raven

Sounds like a great idea. User profile for user: Jeremy P Jeremy P.

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Remember some of us are not power users, we just like things simple and predictable! User profile for user: V. Jan 7, PM in response to macsrule In response to macsrule The short answer is "no".

Dock Spaces Creates Context-Specific Docks

The long answer is "definitely no". Spaces doesn't really give you multiple desktops. It just a gives a quick way to hide and unhide things. I'd really like to be able to use different backgrounds for different spaces - it would make it much easier to identify the space you are in if you are using a lot of them.

User profile for user: dobes dobes Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: 1. Jan 7, PM in response to macsrule In response to macsrule The only way I know of to do this is to build docks with DragThing www. I would check out the DragThing website www.

I only have one DragThing doc now, specialized to writing, and it appears only on my writing Space in Leopard. User profile for user: Apple Coder Apple Coder. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Jan 11, AM in response to macsrule In response to macsrule I understand what you are asking and the answer is NO.

Seemed they were scared off or stopped due to the news of spaces and thought Apple would put them out of business when it came out. Contrary to what Apple and the makers of Workstrip think. Spaces is a waste of time. Workstrip allowed you to have as many different work "spaces" that allowed you to have different backgrounds for each, different folders and apps for each strip, and the strip can ne located anywhere on the edge of your screen. I have a work space for Video Editing, Music recording, writing, web design, school, programming, gaming, and utility work. Each with the appropriate applications available to me so I do not need to have the dock loaded with every app I use, nor do I need to go to the app folder to find it, I just click on the work area I want it changes the picture and the strip and I go.

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How to Group Mac App Icons More Prominently in Your Dock

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Once done, hit Return to execute the command and then also execute this command to restart the Dock:. The coolest part of this hack? The empty space acts like any other Dock item, so all you have to do to remove the space is drag it out of the Dock.

1. Add Spaces Between Dock Icons

This feature of the Dock is quite convenient but not too-known by Mac users. In short, you can open files of almost any kind by simply dragging them into compatible apps on the Dock. Likewise, you can drag that same spreadsheet into Apple Numbers.