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I have no idea how to do it! I thought that the correct cables came with the camera, but my 'non-photog' self can't seem to figure it out. Can you help? One more question — since this is totally DIY, I don't have all of the fancy equipment. What do you suggest doing if you don't have an umbrella or professional flash? Just straight on flood lights? I'm printing out your post and plan to get some practice in before the actual set-up.

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Please email me if you can, but if not I'll be checking back frequently with hopes of a response!! I'm so glad our photobooth article was helpful for you! Now I don't know if I can help you much more—essentially everything we know about photobooths is in the article, but I can point you in the right direction hopefully!

Step 1: Design Your Booth

In terms of having the images show up on a monitor, what you're looking to do is called "tethered shooting". For lighting, if you don't have any flashes, or anywhere to rent them from, you could try using work lights. Avoid just using the lighting in a room, especially if it's a dark reception venue. You'll need some sort of additional lighting. The best bet with the lighting is to test it out beforehand, and figure out how to place it to get a good look!

So happy to have found this tutorial! I love how simple you guys make everything. Perfect for non techies like me!

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  6. I want to just connect my camera to my flash with a cord and set them close to each other. I'm having the darndest time figuring out what kind of cord I need! Love this idea, thanks for sharing your DIY and tips on what you'd do differently next time! Great addition to a wedding or event. Had some new thoughts recent in regards to props and the photo booth. This really only applies to people running a booth the regular. At a family reunion there was a ton of kids. Kids are gross no offence.

    And it occurred to me that all my props are being put on peoples heads, hands, mouths? I need to develop a process of cleaning, disinfecting and disposing of props after… possible every event? But maybe someone else will have a more efficient process! It has a Great photobooth control setup. I checked out Breeze System last year and I find it a bit complicated. I have a macbook but have to transfer the file. The dslrbooth is so simple and easy to use. Hi need some help… Looking on printing photo booths , but need a mac script to edit, save, print and upload to social sites… does anyone know how to do so??

    Can you use automator? He used automator and or scripting code to make it happen. This is awesome! This just might be the kick-start I needed. Off to shop for Alien Bees and stands! I teach yearbook at a very small rural school in New Mexico. We have a Nikon D50 with an external bounce flash and a tripod, and I can get access to a laptop.

    What kind of software should I use to make this work. I have photoshop elements 8. You will find great and affordable software to run a photo booth. This thread is great and tons of great ideas, tips and shares. So I thought that I would throw my hat in. We have tons of articles related to photo booths, different software packages, printers and the industry in general.

    Lots of great ideas coming out here. My wife and I shoot weddings, and the photo booth has been extremely popular with us, having done quite a few over two years now. This coming season, we are doing things slightly different, in that we are throwing a iPad and EyeFi into the mix. Also, a portable battery powered router will be grabbing images from the EyeFi card in the camera and swing them across to the iPad and ShutterSnitch app.

    My lens has usually been a 50mm prime, until I experimented once with my L lens at the 40mm end. I liked it much better as it gave me a little extra on the sides for larger groups. Since purchacing a 35mm prime, this will become the lens of choice for the photobooths. One very very important thing to remember though is to make your shooting area as safe as you can possibly make it. I make sure every cable is gaffer taped down, and are in no way at risk of tripping anyone as walk around. The booth can get very busy, very quickly……and with possibly lots of intoxicated guests will be floating about.

    Only takes one accident to put a huge dampener on the entire event, so safety should always be your number one priority. I had my iPad 1st generation with the 3g and the eyefi card in my nikon. Every second I clicked a picture, the images will pop up on the iPad in front of everyone. It was amazing. However, I realized it was a bit spotty connection was consistent but it worked and all the images did and finally appeared on the ipad. Hey Debbie! You may be able to use an Eye Fi memory card to wireless send the photos to your iPad.

    You could then use a wireless printer like the Epson Artisan to print the photos directly from the iPad. Awesome tip!!!! Excellent setup. I have used a similar setup for years and many occasions.

    Grab your camera

    I summarized it here. Nice job with props. I found on the first few that the guests found their own props! Check it out — here here. I have a few quick questions. Are len options a MUST? Can i just not use a lens?

    The Easiest Way to Run a Photo Booth with dslrBooth

    I heard constant lighting is best for beginners and was about to buy a cowboystudio double light set, but then i read your post! Is there a main component i should look out for when looking for a cheaper version? Hi Lisa Have you ever used your Canon t2i without lens? I seen your website and it looks very nice. Who took those pictures and what camera did they used.

    As for lighting, this could be a bit complicated. Let us wait for one of the pro s explain it to you. Does anyone know how to set up my dslr cam to a monitor and printer to instantly print photobooth images? Love the details and great results! Check out our new iPad-powered photo booth solution called the ShotBox! Completely battery powered and network connected all wrapped in handcrafted woodworking. This will be my first photo booth so I am just wondering if you guys have any newbie tips for me? Any advice would be great!! So I have a somewhat silly question.. Do you use your on camera flash when you have shot your photo booths?

    I will be using a A jtl continous lighting system! Thanks So Much. Hi Justin It depends on what you are using. I have my pocket wizard on the top of my camera and one at the back of my ABR ringlights which is set to flash once the shutter is pressed. My ABR is in continuous lighting. Though about seeting a photobooth for my wedding biz. Though running one without an assistant looks like it could be very distracting if something goes wrong. Very nice post.

    Wondering how the color temperature consistency was with the ABs over lots of shots. What you are describing here is not a Photobooth at all. While this may seem a petty deference. Even the word Booth is vague. Hi Woody You got a point there. What does it remind you of? A Photo Booth! If you google or check on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instragram, and other social media, the yester-year photo booth is heavy and hard to transport.

    You can check it out here photoboothtalk. Great info and great feed back from other photographers. I liked your suggesting of not having someone behind the camera I think that would help people relax and be silly. Hi Rob, I want to share you something. I used to own a photobooth business like you. The camera is connected to my laptop, and another monitor is connected so that people could see themselves.

    Im using a software called DSLR remote pro. It automates the operation of the camera with just one click! You can also customize a template for the photos. You can set how many photos would be taken and how many copies would be printed. Great article, thanks for sharing. You can buy a used 8Gb Eye-Fi off eBay for real cheap. People love the touchscreen experience the swiping and all and if you keep the file size small enough the pics load and show up pretty fast.

    Thanks for the info. Do you know if any photo booth software is compatible was a Sony NEX 5? Hi…great info…the photobooth idea is new to me and I am planning on setting one up at our local fall festival as a fundraiser. Want to do either a fall scene or a graveyard or even a pumpkin patch and have different pumpkin carvings to use as masks…. I have a canon 40D and have bid on 2 portable printers that take my compact flash. I will be taking the photos and another person printing them out on the spot. I will have them available for additional prints at my site. I would like to set up the printers to print the 3 or 4 picture strips….

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Thank you for this post! The slideshow plays randomly on my laptop and the new pics that are taken get added automatically. AppleTV saves the day on this one! Would you suggest having some soft continuous light in addition to the Alienbee? Any thoughts about this? Thank you so much for this article! I used the setup for a doggy Halloween event last weekend. Maggie — Your website is incredible. I love what you are doing with the animals and the shelters to help them find homes. I am just starting out and I have been looking for a nitch for my photography business since there seems to be photographers everywhere these days and it is hard to compete with established businesses in town.

    With my love of animals, this just might be what I am looking for. Great work and beautiful photos. Hi there, this post was extremely detailed and seems like it produces great results. I was thinking of running a t3i with a mm lens, Somewhere about mm should be good. Chose this software for its simplicity after setting up, and the timer to keep the line moving.

    Using an umbrella and a shop light or some other light source to eliminate shadows. Of course this is for my family and friends events too. With all of the graduations college,high school, middle school , birthdays, baby showers, and weddings coming up in the year. I started my photo booth project few months ago and so far it has been doing great as a business.

    My initial setup was a DIY box made of plywood to house my camera, laptop, external monitor and photo printer. I started with just LED for my lighting, the kind that you can get on a hardware store but did not produce the lighting that I need so I end up buying a speedlite. I think it adds more fun if you can set different backgrounds for every print. This article is greatly appreciated, and exactly what I was looking for after weeding through so many other features on DIY photo booths.

    I was wondering if you have any lighting suggestions for an event to be held unfortunately in an unfinished basement. Following the event, the camera will be used primarily for blog photos. Hi Sam There are tons of dslr camera used and new on ebay. Check out Costo, B J, or Walmart. They usually have the low entry cameras dslr Nikon , , or the canon t3i, or a Canon powershot. I am quite sure if you google, you will find a good deal.

    But you should check. I have been using Alien Bees Ringlight and I love it. I have a makeshift photo booth. What I would like to know is what equipment I need to do this right and print pics on site. Is there a list of what is needed to do this. I am in Ghana and have loved Photography since I can remember. I hope I can implement all av read. I had no clue that a photo booth can be so easily prepared. Thanks for the information shared. Thank you SO much for taking the time and energy to put up this post. I am just starting the Photo Booth portion of my business my family portrait biz has been around for 6 years now.

    This tutorial really helped me set up a successful photo booth at a clients wedding. The one issue that I ran into is that the light was often too bright. I am referring to the slider on the back of the light. Any suggestions is mucho appreciated! What type of camera are you using? If you can, try setting your camera in M manual mode , use aperture 8 or higher, and your shutter speed around or higher. F8 or higher would let in less light. A quick shutter speed let in less light. Make sure your ISO is very low. A three things will help you can tweak it as you test.

    I always shoot in M mode. What I was asking is what setting on the back of the Alien Bee light to make it less bright. Any ideas on that one? Sorry for the confusion. If you noticed bright-blown out spots in the images, then lower the dial.

    Build your own photo booth

    Now starting up my photobooth business, what cameras will you recommend? I also want something that will take good pics with moving subjects! I noticed some of You were looking at getting started and asked a few questions about lighting. I use a 3 peice umbrella type system.

    Two white umbrellas for evenly lighting the backdrop i use green screen a lot and one gold toned umbrella for lighting the subject as it simulates natural sunlight and makes for nice skin tones. Best deal ever as I use them for everything. I hope that helps someone. I just want to set up and let the software do the rest. Another thing you can consider doing to take your photo booth to the next level is buying a touch screen, hooking it up to a cheap laptop or small computer, and buying some software to automatically bring all the components together and offer your guests an even better experience.

    With the touch screen and software, people only have to touch the screen to start the countdown to taking pictures. This way no one has to hold a remote. Hi everybody I have a restaurant where we have weddings on ocasions…. I look about in internet for ideas and then design and make my own, have got 3 on the go for next months my clients have a great time taking their photos.

    You can see them here in facebook. This is the best guide I have seen so far on how to create your own photo booth. Thanks for going into such great detail, and especially for the tip about the remote you can find on eBay. My guests would probably would have liked to have that at the last party I hosted, which was actually the first occasion I built my own photo booth for.

    Now I have an awesome upgrade for next time. Great tips!

    Building a DIY Photo Booth using Party Booth

    Thanks again for all the precise details! Hi guys, I was thinking about an easier version of a photobooth for my wedding by using a polaroid camera so it is easier to have all the pictures printed right away and no lights nor umbrella: do you think it would give too mediocre results? Do you ahev any suggestions to implement at affordable costs? Thanks to the author and all the commenters. Five years have passed and people like me are still finding this great article. This has been a great quick start guide! This answered every question I was desiring an answer for when I initiated my Google search!!!!

    And then more!!!!!!! And then MORE from the comments!!!!!!!!!!! We swapped our speedlights to Alien Bee B lights and the quality of our photos has increased ten fold. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Excellent guide. This will get you exactly the results you are looking for in a photo booth. Appreciate the thorough guide. Much appreciated! Thanks so much!!!! Is there any way to take photos and then set them up on a website so people can go to the site to print them out??

    About lighting , I strongly advice to use Ring Lights. It provides even and radial illumination that minimizes shadows, conceals, skin imperfections, highlights the beauty of human eyes, and so on. It would be very useful to the people. I would definitely follow your tips and I will improve my photography skills. Thank you so much alan for making an effort to give us such a knowledgeable article.

    Keep sharing this sort of informative articles with us. It appears as though some of the written text on your posts are running off the screen. Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as well? Thanks for sharing, your tips of having extension cords, tape, lighting, etc.

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    Professional photographer specializing in industrial photography and an award winning art photographer. Warning: We like to keep it a small group so we can engage together. Our webinars are always filled to the last seat. ONLY reserved seats will gain access to the room! Click on the red button above to reserve Your Seat Now! Photography Concentrate Learn Photography Faster! Blog Learn About Free Resources!

    At a recent wedding Lauren and I had the opportunity to set up a photo booth. These have become a popular addition to weddings and are a ton of fun for party goers. First, a little disclaimer: there is likely no single right way to setup a photo booth. The Background Our lovely couple provided the awesome background. Or reduced burst mode.

    If you can, bring your tripod and light stand in a bag, and bring your lights, extension cords, and cables in a large lidded bin. Possibly setup a monitor to allow guests to review images. Seeing the images is obviously an important part of the experience. Another option I know other photographers do is make prints available right away. This also means that they have to visit your site!

    Select a theme from the layout library or use your own background photo. Place a logo or text message to the screen. Automatically share your photos online with party guests and friends. The built-in upload option makes it simple to post on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other social networks. Toggle navigation. Simple and easy to use photo booth software! DIY photo booth! They loved it. I highly recommend this software to drive your photo booth! Easy to Install and Easy To Work With I installed this and within five minutes I had my openair photo booth running, my kids loved especially the green screen option, we had hours of fun.

    I did it in our convention way, shoots and download images and process by photoshop for the layout and text. After using dslrbooth, now I only mounted a camera onto a triport and link it to tv monitor and laptop and set up the printer that's it. All customer like it as this is like they are doing their own "wefie". No photographer needed hence save cost and time. It ran very smooth no issues at all. It was the biggest hit at the wedding and we have about prints to remember the wedding and all our friends. So glad I went with this software.

    I compared and tried all that I could find this is by far the best.