How to make a u with two dots over it on a mac

Then press the number for the umlaut.

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It seems cumbersome at first, but if you are accustomed to using the number keys on the right-hand side of the keyboard it becomes easy very quickly. These are not frequently used.

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Actually, it's not so complicated as you think it would be. In fact I am able to complete timed practice with a lot of time bonus with this method.

How to Type Accented Characters on Mac the Fast Way

Just hold "alt" and in the numeric keypad quickly dial the correct 4 digits. Get started.

How to Put Double Dots Over a Letter

Topic: German. August 6, Try using the U. International keyboard. August 7, August 10, Attention: The letters Z and Y are swapped.

Sweden Typing the letters Å, Ä, and Ö

The umlaut also showed that a particular vowel formed its own syllable. Alexander the Great most certainly used umlauts! Fast forward 1, years or so to Middle High German. From the 16th century, the handwritten convention of signifying the umlaut by two dots placed above the vowel is also found in printed texts. This time period gives us the version of the umlaut that we know and love today! Do umlauts exist in other languages? Yes, but they are often pronounced differently and are not to be confused with accent marks like in French or Spanish.

Umlauts: What’s the Deal with the Two Dots? - Excelsior Classes

Umlauts in German stand alone as totally independent letters. Umlauts are used in various parts of speech in German: nouns not only, but often in the plural form , verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prefixes, and prepositions. When I was studying German in college—yes, before word processors—we students had to type our German papers without umlauts, for the simple reason that there were no umlaut keys on our American typewriters.

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This rule still holds true. Umlauts are nothing to be feared.

Usually, after the first couple weeks of German I, students have the pronunciations down pat. Click here to try your hand at pronouncing them. This will create the letter with the umlaut. Since , Susan Gleason has taught German online.