How to minimize windows on mac by double clicking

I can only maximize by using the keyboard either command W or command M. I like super shortcuts. I use a windows sculpt mouse with USB Overdrive. Nuno, are you able to maximize just by clicking on the green button with Right Zoom? It used to work on Mavericks, but apparently has no effects on Yosemite. Nothing of this works in MS Office Double-clicking the name bar renders the same result — nothing Then allow it :.

Excellent tip. And it takes such a long time for the windows to zoom in and out. I can easily forgive Apple for this one, since zooming is not something many people use, but command-drag vs option-drag vs command-option-drag in the Finder is just absurd, as is the ever increasing number of menu items that switch when you press option. The use of command-keys to modify behaviors goes back close to 30 years. As long as I can remember option-drag was copy, command-drag was move, cmd-w closes one window, cmd-option-w closes all windows, etc.

What I find annoying is when they switch things around so the meaning of the modifier keys is exactly opposite in subsequent releases. Any good books out on Yosemite yet? By the time they finish writing, printing, and shipping them to bookstores and libraries bookstores and libraries?!

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Of course. But on my Air, maximizing either with title bar or option-click-green-button just makes the window bigger. Or pony up a few bucks for BTT. Another way to maximize windows in OS X Yosemite without making them full screen is to simply double-click the window titlebar, this instantly enlarges the window in the same way that option-clicking the green maximize button does, zooming in without going full screen. The green button change without giving you chance to change it in preferences is a big diaasapoinment for me. How do I install Linux on I iMac? Yes of course it does, it is a maximize button that makes windows larger, the month has absolutely zero implication on how the maximize and zoom functions work in OS X Yosemite.

It is possible that they were inferring that subsequent releases of Firefox supported a new feature of OSX that a older one did not or did but had a conflicting bug. If you will notice Firefox does not use the standard windowing in OSX. A great example is the when you double click the title bar it creates a new tab instead of maximizing or minimizing the window. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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double-click a window's title to minimise. | Adobe Community

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Why cant I double-click on the top of the window to minimize anymore?

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How to minimize a window using keyboard shortcuts in Yosemite OS X

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macOS: Tips on Minimizing Windows into the Dock

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Maximize & Zoom Windows in Mac OS X the Old Fashioned Way

Steps to Reproduce: Open vscode insider build double click the title bar. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Not sure if this is an issue specific to spectacle though. I use BetterSnapTool with this settings: "window.