Install php mysql mac mountain lion

We will be using Apache 2. Being BSD we can go old school with it any time we want. No problem, we can work around that by using MacPorts to get the missing bits.

You have to go really old school, using the keyboard. Congrats, you had your crash course in UNIX file editing. OK, back to the command to edit the file:. If you screwed up, Apache will complain.

Installation MAMP ( Apache+MySQL+PHP ) on a Mac with OS X 10.8 +

If you get no feedback after running this command it worked just fine. However, if you are developing locally you may want to sacrifice security over convenience. After all, the web server only serves local requests Mac OS X firewall blocks access to Apache by default. First we need to know which directories PHP 5. From the terminal window do. Note down these directory names. You will need to replace them in the instructions below.

Copy that path. Find this line. Create a new file named phpinfo.

The Perfect Web Development Environment for Your New Mac

If you have got all the instructions right you should see that right below the top line, showing the version of PHP, there is this line. Our goal is to have every site on our local server run under a different PHP version depending on the domain name we are using. The domain names we will be using are:. You need to change your hosts file to have Mac OS X map these fake domains to your local server. Add these lines to the hosts file:. We will also be implementing dynamic virtual hosts. As we have already said, we have to use the Terminal. You will most likely need to change the paths to each individual PHP version, e.

We can now use four different domains to access the same content as different PHP versions. This is where you are supposed to add your custom configuration variables. Since this file loads last it overrides the configuration in all other files.


Moreover, since PHP 5. It will make your life decidedly easier. Father, husband, cat herder and geek.

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Proudly uses all major Operating Systems on desktop and mobile. Move both of these files that you downloaded into your working directory mcrypt in this instance and go back to Terminal Expand the first file: tar -zxvf libmcrypt Cannot find autoconf.

Then, rerun this script. Autoconf is not installed with the latest Xcode but may be present on some OS X from an upgraded older Xcode. Check your phpMyAdmin login page or browse to your phpinfo. See my other post, recovering from the computer crash , for other items on the list to set up when starting with a new computer or a fresh OS install.

Tags: apache , backups , database , ide , lamp , mac , mysql , PEAR , php , phpmyadmin , plugins , security , standards Comments: One Comment. I just want to say thank you so much. I still have one problem though. After downloading and installing the crypt files the phpmyadmin is still saying that the extension is missing. I also cannot find the mcrypt. Suffice it to say that everything else seems to work properly so far. Is mcrypt necessary?

Installing Apache, PHP, and MySQL on Mac OS X

Also, i get another message from phpmyadmin saying that the configuration storage is deactivated. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Lively Web Design — Blog.