Mac 187 stippling brush review

I am constantly using an eyebrow spoolie to pick all the hairs up!!! About reviewer 64 reviews. This is a total disappointment.. The bristles are way too loose and fanned actually there arent enough of them. There seems to be a big gab between each and the hair tend to bend easily.

Believe me it doesnt give airbrush finish in fact I was ended up with streaky finish. And to make the situation worse the … Read more. I bought mine in and it's still going strong.

MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush Review, Photos

I've used it every day for seven years and only the labels have worn off and it's a tad bit more flared out at the bristles than when first bought. I will say yes, it shed like hairs at first but it stopped after a year. Nothing too ridiculous and only slightly annoying. This is when I was just into makeup and was heavy … Read more. About reviewer 58 reviews. I love this brush! I can't say that enough. Let me just say that MAC brushes are an investment.

I think I've had this brush for maybe 6 years or so, and it's just as good as the day I bought … Read more. About reviewer 67 reviews. I got this brush with short handle, same price as the long handle but better for touch ups on the go. This brush is like x better than Beauty Blender. Show ingredients. Write Review. Medium Brown Deep Dark Skin Type Very Dry Very Oily Hair Type Relaxed Eye Color Favorite Flag. Did you? Yes No. Is this review helpful? Most Viewed Makeup Brushes Products. About reviewer 48 reviews.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush Review.

I love this brush. I was a bit hesitant to purchase it as I had read a couple of bad reviews. Yes it does take a bit longer to apply foundation with but it gives me a perfect no streak finish. I use it with studio fix fluid foundation. I have previously used a flat foundation brush with this foundation and also need to go over it with my beauty blender to get rid of the streaks.

MAC #187 Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Review

However with the … Read more. About reviewer 2 reviews.

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This brush is the perfect match with the MAC pro longwear concealer! I love it! About reviewer 6 reviews.

I pretty much hate this brush. I bought it for liquid foundation application. The actual brush feels way less dense than the ones on display I bought it at a MAC counter , it's tedious to use, and the application is borderline streaky no matter how gentle your hand is. I tried it 3 or 4 times with both runny and medium-thick liquid foundations.

You can get a mediocre application with a … Read more. About reviewer 5 reviews. I bought for my daughter the mac for blending and concealing and the for foundation, blusher and highlighting.

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This 2 brushes are just perfect to start. I have 15 mac brushes and use and love all of them.

MAC Duo Fibre Brush Review, Photos - Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

But to start I would highly reccomend the and or I think I would prefer the than the But both of them do a good job. I myself use the everyday and I just do … Read more. About reviewer 4 reviews. It does the job but I'm sure you can find a better one.

Review MAC 187 Brush

It is really annoying that it sheds About reviewer 17 reviews. Once again I was recommended this brush the sales assistant for my mineralize moisture foundation. This is great for spreading and evening out the foundation and leaves me with a flawless look. The brush doesn't leave mcuh streaks unless I apply miltiple layers.