Mac os x mail notification menu bar

Who bothered to track and count the number of ways?

Customize alerts or turn them off

You get the idea, right? Sometimes you can do something just because you can, not because you need to or should.

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So it is with email notifications. Email is disliked that much.

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Mail comes with multiple ways to notify you of incoming, and unread messages. The Menubar email icon features a badge number of unread messages from your email accounts. Unlike the Dock, Mail Mini has the option to display the actual number of messages in each account.

Use Notifications on your Mac

Just click the Menubar icon to reveal the pop down and badge numbers for each account. All you get is the account and the number of messages. However, the app handles multiple email accounts with ease you choose which ones you need to view , both visual and audible notifications, and standard IMAP email servers. Alerts, on the other hand, remain on-screen until you click on the Show or Close or in the case of some alerts, Snooze buttons.

5 ways Turn Off Notifications on a Mac (all at once or one by one)

In iOS 5, you see all your recent notifications by pulling down from the top of the screen to reveal Notification Center. In Mountain Lion, the Notification Center list is a narrow band that lives just to off the right side of your screen. You can reveal it either by clicking on the new Notification Center icon at the far right of the menu bar, or by swiping with two fingers starting at the far right edge of the trackpad.

A Notification Center alert.

How to get desktop notifications for Gmail in OS X without using Mail

From here, you can choose which apps appear within Notification Center and how their alert bubbles behave. You can choose, on an app-by-app basis, whether you want any notifications at all, and if you want them to be of the five-second or visible-until-you-click variety.

Mac Quick Tip: Add/Remove Menu Bar items

You can also choose how many notifications for an app to display and choose whether to also play a sound as part of the alert. Different apps will handle notifications in different ways.

Mia for Gmail

Apple has built notifications into several of its apps with Mountain Lion. Of course, iCal uses Notification Center for all event notifications. Messages sends alert notifications when you receive a new message. Reminders sends you reminders.


FaceTime warns you about missed calls. Game Center tells you about friend requests and game invitations. The App Store app tells you if there are updates available. If you add your Twitter account to the system, you can receive notification of Twitter direct messages and mentions.

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Mail lets you choose how you want to be notified about new messages. You can set it to display notifications for all messages that appear in your Inbox, for all messages from people in your Contacts, for mail in a specific Smart Mailbox, for mail in all mailboxes, or for messages only from a VIP contact. You also should be able to use Mail Rules to specify exactly which messages merit a notification. Got a question about Mountain Lion? We dive into the things you need to know about availability,