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I'm providing these tools as a means of helping out the Apple users community. Please read the "Read Me" documentation before downloading so that you know what you're getting into. If you find that the posting of any software here infringes any copyright laws, please let me know via e-mail. Please include some documentation to support the claim. I'll then immediately remove the software in question.

I have every good intention when putting these tools up for download. Other Apple system software can be downloaded at the following links:. Apple's built-in Archive Utility will be able to decode this, so you can just double-click on the image. But it will not be able to make any sense out of the resulting file, so you'll get an error when it tries to unpack the result of removing the MacBinary encoding. What you have to do next will depend on the file type. If it is ".


Mac OS has never directly supported these. Fortunately, you can still get Stuffit Expander - it's a free download from the App Store. It will be able to unpack ". You should end up with either a folder of files or a disk image depending on what was actually compressed in the Stuffit archive.

If you get a folder of files, you're done. Otherwise, keep reading. If you have a ". Old versions of Mac OS X Later versions of Mac OS X can't.

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The problem type is going to be ". These are "self mounting images". They are effectively a.

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I don't know if Mac OS X Google searches reveal discussion threads by people who say that Disk Utility can convert these to DMG, but it appears that the Disk Utility in ElCap no longer has this ability. You may need an older Mac or SheepShaver or Basilisk to mount these.

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Unfortunately, the System 7. Actually, it's worse. The 19 files are not 19 disk images 19 floppies? On a system that can directly support. But that's out of the question on ElCap. An older Mac will be required to mount that image. If someone knows of a third-party app that can mount or convert a multipart.

The newest system in the archive you can access on ElCap with the tools I have are the System 6. They are. Here you go.

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Posted 19 May - AM. Posted 16 June - PM. Posted 17 June - AM. Yes, it looks like the site now requires a username and password where before it did not.

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But, you can still get the downloads using the Wayback Machine. Posted 21 August - PM. This link works for part 1.

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For parts , you need to replace "smi" with "part", and then increment. Posted 28 August - AM. Oops, I screwed up when doing my reply: when one clicks on the link I have, one gets the old part 1 link, rather than the link shown in blue. Instead of clicking on the link, copy and paste it into the address bar or into a wget commandline Or else, you can try this:. Community Forum Software by IP.