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Beck can afford web hosting, so shall it be. Thank you for restoring a bit of my sanity. I wish Microsoft produced printed manuals like the old days but I guess Googling is still faster :. Thanks so much… couldnt find it in help anywhere grrrr I also moved from PC to Mac… very disappointing in some regards.

And I needed to know how to put a linebreak in Excel for Mac, in order to submit a report. Thanks for posting the tip.

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Geez, thank you! I guess this post is the post that keeps on giving. I was just having a laugh with my Dad the other day about how spreadsheets are what turned the PC from a toy to a business tool. Wish Apple would understand that…. Thank you so much for this…my Masters Dissertation is just that tiny bit better becuase of this.

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You rock!!! Thank you!!!! OMG, Winblows! Anyway, thank you Ian Beck. I never post to these things no matter how good the help has been but today I am. Thank you Ian Beck, for taking the time share. Happy Holidays. Thank so very much for much needed help. It was really annoying me, as I use a PC at work and a Mac at home and just could not work out how to do it! I love that your post from is still found useful today, funny how something so little and what seems simple can be quite annoying when you just want it to work :.

Thank you -just using a Mac for first time and love knowing things like this, grateful to you -muchas gracias, sir! Took me a while to figure this out, and I figured it could be useful for others. Ian Beck says:. Stephen says:. Too funny. Thank you for this work around … I was getting ready to throw things, but not my MBP :. Cheers, Kate. This was driving me nuts.

Barry Chertov says:. Blessings to you, your family and friends for all time! Pancho L says:. Jezabel says:. Thanks for the info. I agree that this is a poor shortcut, and poorly documented. Theo Short says:. I love Google. I love you. Eh…not so much. Wonder why such a useful tip is kept secret. This was driving me crazy! Thank you so much for this tip! Such a common necessity and yet hard to find! Wendy Hollands says:. Pinchvalve says:.

Gregory says:. Many thanks for this information. Daniel says:. Thank you for the tip D — Portugal. What about removing a line break in an Excel for Mac cell? Enrique says:. Karen S says:. Erin f. Wow, you wrote this 4 years ago and it was the first hit!

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Obviously a popular problem. Ben Bland says:. Derakevi says:. Exactly what I was looking for — thanks! Jocelyn says:. Crystal says:. Thank you…. This was exactly what i needed. Carlos says:. NB says:. Trainace says:. Thank you alt-ctrl-return works on version. Juliet says:. Lori says:. Mike F says:. James H says:. Many thanks to you and to Google for directing me instantly to this fix. All the best! Sharon says:. Abdullatif says:. Michael says:. Stephanie says:. Abraham says:. Marco T.

OMG thank you! Rye T. Helpful to me working on a spreadsheet at 2 in the morning. Paul B says:. Ryal says:. One more voice of thanks! Your explanation was concise, spot-on, and just what I needed. Toradik says:. Been wondering about this for a long time… Best from New York! Farooq says:. I have been trying to figure this out forever. CambridgeYouth says:.

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Thank you — have been trying to work this out for weeks!! Google rightly showed ur page in the top of the searches. David says:. Ore says:. Much needed info. Carlos Rivas says:. A thousand blessings on you sir. Madame Coquille says:. Kathy Taylor says:. Really small thing that made me very happy. I was going crazy until I found this tip — still useful 4 years later! London Map says:. Alex H says:. You are now showing up very high on Google search! Sydney Girl says:.

Maciej says:. Thank you so much for the information! Really helpful. Wait, what is this for?

I am trying to make a long list of words one line. Will this work? Alvaro says:. Matt Saunders says:. Mikel Tulk says:. God bless you! And still helping people into !!! Just what I was looking for. John Doe says:. I was getting mad.

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  8. Lauren says:. That was killing me. Claire in NZ says:. Your latest grateful reader!!! God I love the internet!! Thanks heaps for posting. Maureen says:. Carlos De Jesus says:. JUST what I was looking for! Slowpoke says:. Thanks, this worked perfectly…. You should write their help module! Krishna says:. Mariano V says:. Thanks man! Finally a working advice. Ian Homer says:. Thanks so much for the tip. Olma Madrid says:. Pambuka Adi says:. Thank you. I need it, and it help me. Pranab says:. Kelsey says:. Go O's says:. Landra says:. Adam says:. Please God never let this post go down. Ramesh says:.

    Still useful!. Simon Morris says:. Many thanks — another great tip — saved me hours!! Dileep says:. Thanks a million. You can select an entire row with shift and the spacebar. You can use both of these shortcuts to insert and delete cells as well, either individually or in groups. The shortcuts are the same, but they work differently when you don't have an entire row or column selected. The Insert Dialog also provides options for inserting entire rows and columns.

    In a similar way, the shortcut Control minus displays the Delete dialog, with the same functionality. Note that when you've copied cells to the clipboard, you'll see different behavior than when you insert. So, If I copy these cells, then use the shortcut for insert, I'll get the Insert paste dialog Finally, if you have entire rows or columns selected before you copy, the Insert shortcut will insert and paste in one step.

    Skip to main content. This lesson is from our online video training. In this video, we'll cover shortcuts you can use to insert or delete rows, columns, or cells. This shortcut is the same for inserting columns. You can insert multiple columns and rows as well, just begin with more than one cell selected. The logic for deleting rows and columns is the same.

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    The shortcut is Control -. First, select an entire row or column, then use Control minus to delete. You can also use this shortcut to delete multiple rows and columns. So, I can insert cells by pushing other cells to the right.