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Lasso Select free-form tool for selecting ink. Ink replay feature Not supported in macOS version. Supported macOS only. Stable layout.

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Layout problems. No, but complicated workaround. Master documents and Master document templates supported. Supported but deprecated because it causes file corruption. Supported release notes. Supported [50]. Complex calculations. Only basic arithmetic. Supported, image formats:. Support for Pages v [51]. Some layout problems [52]. Extended label creation features release notes. Supported generic database access, synchronise content.

DTP-like features like text in multiple columns and text-wrap around graphics. Concept of "horizontal frames" is more limited. DirectCursor allows to enter text anywhere on a page.

Instalación del openoffice para Mac UAP

Supported, under the name Click and type advanced option. Supported release notes 5. Export only as comments inside margin. Grammar check on macOS version limited to few languages. Templates provide this functionality, but more difficult to handle. Helpful extension: Template Changer tdf Experimental design themes: tdf , tdf Supported "document themes".

Extension: TexMaths. Not supported tdf , but effects are preserved on import and export. Supported [53]. Better recovery mode [54] , [55]. More frequently denies opening those files. Supported requires Java [56]. Import of eBook formats: FictionBook 2. Supported [57] , [58] PDF [59]. Partially supported [60] , [61]. Additional toolbar control to insert Emojis experimental: tdf Manual creation of replacement lists. Unlimited columns. Limited to 63 columns.

Multi-line headings for chapters by allowing a line break as separator between a chapter number and its name in Chapter Numbering dialog. Only via work-around [62]. Basic inbuilt support. Excellent free extensions: e. Zotero , Bibus , JabRef as well as proprietary extensions.

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Inbuilt support. Zotero as well as proprietary extensions. Partial tdf See List of Regular Expressions. Different numerically equivalent format not supported tdf Less default shortcuts [63]. More default shortcuts [64]. Support for text watermarks. Supported text and picture watermarks. Some formatting features are supported, e.

Not supported tdf , extension: TradutorLibreText.

Download Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.5.3 Update from Official Microsoft Download Center

Supported [65]. Not supported, extension: Sun Weblog Publisher. Supported [66]. Not supported [67]. OpenFormula standard. Largely supported. Copy of cells is kept for pasting, even if the user does other tasks like typing or inserting cells. Supported in Windows rental version, not supported in MS Office sales version and not supported in macOS version. Support for Numbers v [68] , see also this comparison. Limited support [69]. Partially supported; inserted image cannot be resized nor cropped, usability issues. Add-on, not activated by default.

Additional features: Fourier analysis, Histogram, Random number generation, Rank and percentiles, and some more detailed options. Not supported tdf , tdf , tdf Selection of some pre-set chart styles and layouts. Not supported tdf , tdf , tdf , tdf , tdf Supported [70]. Extended set of forecast functions based on exponential smoothing algorithm.

Forecast functions and forecast charts based on exponential smoothing algorithm not supported in macOS version. Parallel formula compiling on the CPU. Multithreading is work in progress: tdf , [74] , Presentation "Making Calc Calculate in Parallel". Starting in Excel , the following features use multi-core processors: saving a file, opening a file, refreshing a PivotTable for external data sources, except OLAP and SharePoint , sorting a cell table, sorting a PivotTable, and auto-sizing a column.

Supported [77] , [78]. Supported List of Regular Expressions. Independent window. Cannot be moved outside the application window. Supported tdf Not supported [79]. Possibility to switch between function names in local language and English. Supported requires Java [80]. Export of comments according to PDF specification. Not supported Only available: Inverting colors for negative values. Supported not available on Windows, see tdf More detailed: Number formats: more flexible use of "Format Code" for custom adjustments, leading zeroes, language setting, percentages without percentage sign, thousands separator for percentages; Font: overligning of text, relief embossed, engraved , outline, shadow, underline of individual words, spacing settings, kerning; Borders: shadow, spacing to contents; Protection: hide cells when printing.

Less features. Number format "Boolean value". Engineering notation. Natural language number format spelling out numbers in various languages.

Easy work around for missing US zip code and US phone number formats. Partial, engineering notation via custom formats. Partially support, using work-arounds. No reverse icon order tdf Customization of icon sets, e. Partial Styles supported, Cell Format not supported. Partial tdf , tdf , tdf LibreOffice ha un'interfaccia semplice, facilmente assimilabile dagli assidui utilizzatori della suite Microsoft.

Pros: che esista! Visualizza descrizione completa. Pages Scrivi sul tuo Mac con l'elaboratore di testi Apple. LibreOffice Suite completa, open source e funzionante. Microsoft Office Il Mac entra trionfalmente in uffici ed aziende. If you're at a Mac that's part of a network at work, you might have to ask someone in your IT organization for help with signing in as administrator. Find and then drag the Microsoft Office folder to Trash. Office install. How to install Office.

Office product keys. Activate Office.

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Install other apps. Set up mobile devices. Office updates. Upgrade to the latest version. Troubleshoot and uninstall. Excel com. OfficeServiceV2 com.