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My Quark 7. I have noticed I can now not import any eps files just nothing happens… tried upgrading to 7. It is slightly better printing but still quits error 1 every now and again. I find it is better if I use the capture settings button, save the open artwork and go back to print without changing settings settings where of course captured! This is still not foolproof. Afterwards the page setup is returned to default and the folder with the action attached is cleared of files.

Workflow for a lot of people will change very little really. If you are interested In an hour or so I will have posted the Automator workflow file and guide on the macosxhints forum. I use QuarkXPress 7. No problems, it works fine. Just migrated data from a iMac running Quark 7. Any fixes short of upgrading to Quark 8? I too am getting consistent Quark 7. I have tried getting rid of the preference file and reinstalling the Quark components, but still get the same error upon launch.

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I have the same problem of crashes after migration to a new Mac Pro running I put everything to trash including preferences and frameworks and reinstalled everything from CD to 7. Updated to 7. I took memory from another new Mac Pro and I have the same problem. QuarkXPress Version: 7. Thread 0 Crashed: Dispatch queue: com. B07, 8 processors, Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 2. Trying to install QXP 7. The setup. A little tough to write about and teach QuarkXPress 7. I installed everything correctly- when it asked for all my serial numbers and validation codes- they seemed to go through no problem.

When all was said and done, I went to launch Quark and it crashed right after the first little splash page comes up. Is there a fix? An update? Could this be more of a Mac problem than a Quark problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I need this software to work soon! I have a department full of people waiting to upgrade their Mac Operating systems to Snow Leopard so that we can run our updated adobe CS, upgrade our digital camera software and hardware, upgrade our Asset Management system, and upgrade our rip software for our Epson proofing printers.

Right now, Quark is literally getting in the way of our progress. I like Quark, and it would be nice to be able to readily access our legacy Quark files, but the switch to InDesign, which is already packaged with all the other tools we need, seems a lot more easy to do right now than to buy thousands of dollars worth of Quark upgrades. Jay, Quark must have realized that not patching 7. So, I had Quark 7. But then I went to install a new Mac Mini computer for another user in our company.

I used Migration Assistant to move everything across.

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Years ago we had been advised by Quark to make a Preference folder in the Quark folder, so I tried trashing those prefs, same problem. Trashed that, it now opens…. I have Quark 7. Could you please post how many characters you have in the serail numbers of your computers that work and those who dont? My copy of QuarkXPress 7 has 13 digits in its serial number. It seems to be working, on Mac OS X I have found out that is not the serial number length that is the problem in this case as with Adobe CS3 with If this address begins with something else than then Quark 7 will not register or be able to check registration as it should and crashes.

I then activated the application, quit, loaded FireWire kext again and started Quark. As I suspected Quark 7 crashed now. Unloading them again made Quark not crash. I made two Applescripts — one for unloading the FireWire drivers so Quark 7 can be used and one for loading them again so FireWire can be used. Oh damn. Just moved the firewire extensions from the system folder — and great Quark 7 now works fine.

Has anyone had problems activating Quark 7 in OS I have a similar problem. I have just learned to live with it. InDesign is the way to go. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

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