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Drag it.

Creating and Using a RAM Disk With Your Mac

Paste this script. Save it - probably to your app folder. In System Settings go to Users and groups. Click on Log-on objects and add your recently created app.

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That would do it. How would I move Safari Cache back to original folder? I've deleted the RAM Disk but com. That seems to be consistent for various different file systems.

How to Make a RAM Disk on Mac! SUPER SPEED!

Is there a short explanation the size difference, or can you recommend what I might read up on to better understand what's going on? Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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On Mac OS X a ram disk can be created using the shell. The following command creates the largest ram disk possible on Tiger , 2. Since after each restart the ram disk is lost, the following AppleScript application can be used as a login item to make a new one.

Dear Aunt TUAW: Can I boot from a RAM disk?

A RAM disk can be deleted only when all contents have been moved onto a hard drive or other device, leaving the RAM disk completely empty. After a restart, the settings kick into effect. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Unfortunately, people do not consider tweaking Safari, which shows a noticeable degradation in its performance over time until they do not follow the steps to configure it. Following a few simple measures allows users to make their Browser stays running smoothly and contribute to Speeding up Ma c. Below are 8 superb free tips that helps you tune up Safari performance.

These tips will surely show you some improvement, but it definitely depends upon the version of Safari you are using currently. It is very important to optimize your Safari regularly for a fast and improved performance.


Safari stores the load pages and images to reduce the time in local cache. However, the problem with this cache is, it grows very large, due to which the performance get slowed down, as it will start looking up cached page to determine whether to load pages from the cache or download a new version. If you delete the cache it will start over fresh, which automatically reduces those lookup times.

You must do it regularly as with time the cache starts expanding again and becomes too large for Safari to sort through efficiently.

The frequency of deleting cache depends on how often you use the Safari browser. In case you use it daily then it is recommended that delete the cache about once a week, or whenever you remember to do it, it could be less. Favicons are the short name of favorite icons that Safari can display just next to the URLs you visited and bookmarked.

Some users create favicons for particular sites. These Favicons provides a quick visual reference to the identity of a web site.