Setup windows remote desktop on mac

However, a gap still exists for some and requires a bridge to move between computing environments. For Mac users, the stalwart tool has been the Microsoft Remote Desktop connection.

‎Microsoft Remote Desktop 8 on the Mac App Store

Available now through the Mac App store, it allows users to remotely connect to a Windows desktop to access local files, applications, and network resources. Click the blue "App Store" icon in your dock. Or, you can download it from our sister site Download. Once you've accessed the Mac App Store, use the search bar at the top right of the screen to search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop.

Chrome Remote Desktop

To begin the download, click the blue "Get" button. This app is free, so no price will be listed. Next, open the application by clicking through the grey "Launchpad" icon and clicking on the Remote Desktop app icon. If you think you'll be frequently using this remote desktop connection, now would be a good time to set it in your dock. At this point you'll need to enable remote access on your target PC. For a Windows 8 machine, the fastest way to get this done is to search for "Allow remote access to your computer" and click on that when it comes up.

You may need an administrator password to complete this step. Under the "System Properties" box you should see "Remote Desktop" and the button labeled "Allow remote connections to this computer" should be selected. Next, you'll need to select the users who will be able to be accessed through the remote desktop connection.

Now, search for "System" and click it when it appears. Turn off hibernation and sleep settings for the target PC, as you won't be able to access it remotely if it falls asleep.

While still in "System," it's a good time to go ahead and get your full PC name if you don't already have it, as you'll need it to set up the connection. Click on "Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings" to find the full PC name and write it down. Enabling a Windows 7 computer is a little different, but you can find out how to do that here. Head back to your Mac and click the "New" button at the top left of the Microsoft Remote Desktop screen. You'll be prompted to fill in quite a few fields.

The first thing you'll need to input is the connection name.

Mac OS X Remote Desktop Connection Instructions

This is simply what you want to call the connection and it has no real bearing on the connection itself. For example, you could call it "John's work computer," or "Jennifer's PC. Next, you'll need to input the PC name the one you wrote down from earlier , or the IP address so your Mac knows where to find your PC. The next line down allows you to configure a Gateway, which would let you connect to virtual desktops or session-based desktops that are on your company's network.

Check with your network administrator to see if there is a gateway you are to use. Credentials is where you will type in the domain, username, and password for the target PC so you can log in through the remote connection. Resolution, colors, and full screen mode are all personal preferences for how you want the remote desktop to launch on your machine. If you're not sure, start with the standard settings and go from there. This enables you to make certain folders on your Mac accessible within your remote Windows session.

You can work on files stored on your Mac in a Windows app, or copy files between the machines. Sharing a folder in this way does not make the folder accessible on the physical Windows computer. Your PC must be turned on and awake, and connected to the same network as your Mac.

The Remote Desktop app will list your computer, with a thumbnail preview, under Saved Desktops. Double-click it to connect. Click OK.

When your Mac establishes the remote desktop connection, your Windows PC will lock and switch to the login screen. If anyone tries to use the PC, your remote session will end.

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Unless you changed the setting, your remote desktop session opens in full screen. To use it in a window instead, move your mouse pointer to the top of the screen and click the green window button at the top-left.

How to Remote Access Mac PC from Windows 10

Using Windows through Remote Desktop is pretty much the same as using it on a dedicated computer. One of the few changes—and a possible point of confusion—is that the app maps the keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy, and paste to the ones used in macOS, using the Command key. However, some other shortcuts continue to use the Control key as they do in Windows. You can launch apps, work on files, or even play games if you want to.

They share the clipboard by default, though, so you can copy and paste between them instead. For a greater level of file sharing, set up a shared folder using the Local Resources setting, as we outlined above. To disconnect and end the session, simply close the Remote Desktop window on your Mac.

Set up Microsoft Remote Desktop on Mac to access PC

You can edit your settings at any time by hovering your mouse over the thumbnail in Saved Desktop and clicking the Pen icon. Microsoft Remote Desktop is an easy way to access Windows from a Mac. But what if you need to do it the other way around, or perhaps need to bring a Linux computer or a Chromebook into the mix?

Get started with Remote Desktop on Mac

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