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There you will find temp files stored by the Applications running. Alexander Alexander 6, 5 5 gold badges 36 36 silver badges 72 72 bronze badges. Are you saying that there isn't a temp folder? Your answer would be refuted by this superuser. Allan Did you at all read my post? Alexander No need to be condescending towards new users.

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As you've listed out many examples of what a program might use a temporary directory for, you might as well list them all out in a style like lucasarruda's answer. Mark Mark Note that this also changes periodically.

I haven't found any consistent behavior, which I suppose is good, if what you're storing in these folders truly is ephemeral. Medical School or Games Industry? Featured on Meta.

How to Recover Saved and Unsaved Office Files for Mac

Custom Filters release announcement. Related 4. Hot Network Questions. At this stage it might be a good idea to quickly make a backup of the files we are about to delete, this is optional but it only takes a moment and in the very unlikely event we have a problem we can just put these back where they came from.

The simplest way to make a quick copy is to hold the alt key and drag the folder to your desktop.

How to Find Where the Temp Folder in Mac OS is Located

Once you have all the files selected you can either just delete them by dragging them to the Trash folder in your Dock and then Emptying the Trash in the Finder main menu. To clear your computer entirely of cache files with CleanMyMac 3 you only have to perform 4 steps:.

Where’s the Temp Folder on Mac OS? How to Find & Open the Mac Temporary Directory

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