Transfer from one mac to another via time machine

Move Mail, Bookmarks, Contacts, and Calendar data to a new Mac

With macOS, you can set up your Mac with separate user accounts. That way, multiple people can use one computer, but the files, app settings, and other data for each user are kept separate from each other. But what if you have two Macs, and you want to move a user account from one Mac to another? Macworld reader and newlywed Nolan wrote in with questions about just such an activity.

What to do? But the large Photos library could complicate matters.

Mac to Mac Transfer - Move Your Important Mac Data

Your account and associated files from your old machine are now ready on the new one. You may have to copy applications manually or reinstall them, however. And you can have issues of apps were purchased across multiple Apple ID accounts, too. Make sure you have your external drive with photos and other media attached so you can add that to the backup set, too.

The mode is really for migrating from one computer to another, but I think the process is close to what Nolan would like here. Nolan confirmed via email that he was able to make a backup inheritance work. Meanwhile, retain the Time Machine backup of the old Mac for as long as you can as an added backup while new archives are formed in Time Machine and Backblaze. Email yours to mac macworld. Amazon is selling some iPad Pro models for the lowest prices ever.

Migrating to a New Mac for Programmers

Attempting to use tmutil to delete a snapshot in a Backups. Quick question. Did this and it took forever to copy.

The copy seems to work in TM on the new drive even though it doesnt have a few recent backups created durign the 15 hour copy process. How can I be sure before I remove the old backups on the original drive. What if you had a time machine running on server A where all the macs on your home network backed up to, then you moved the backup drive to server B and started running time machine server there?

How do you point your Mac to re-use the existing backups?

Mac to Mac Transfer - Move Your Important Mac Data

It will start again making a new backup. I tried this a couple of times following the directions exactly as shown above and on Apple support.

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It never worked. First, it took about 22 hours to what I thought was the full transfer, then the transfer said it was transferring 0 bytes of x Tb to x Tb and it would be 5 seconds. Yet, the original 2 Tb drive had over Gb remaining.

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My plan was to use my new 4 Tb for both the iMac and a MacBook air.