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Format drive as exFat and it can be read by mac or pc. It depends what you mean by "read the drive". All it needs to be able to do is recognise the drive and correctly identify it's capabilities. It doesn't matter whether it can or cannot read any file system already on the drive though Mac OS-X can read several different formats. But since you are reformatting it that doesn't really matter. Your only issue is what file format you choose. If you only ever want to use it with the Mac then choose the Mac native format.

But if you want to be able to interchange files with Windows PCs then you may have to use FAT32 format which both operating systems can use. But whatever format you use as long as the Mac can read and write data to the drive Time Machine will work. If you buy a drive that has been pre-formatted with a Windows file system then chances are any software bundled with the drive will be Windows compatible as well. So totally useless for a Mac.

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I meant recognise the drive. Also, can't I just partition the hard drive like I did last time and reformat each partition to my liking? I usually format as NTFS which mac os has issues with if you don't install a utility. Faust Posts: 8, Forum Member. If you are using the HDD for TM backups then you really don't want to be using that drive for anything else - period. A more worrying point - you said you were still using SL on your iMac.

You do know I suppose that SL was superseded 7 years ago and is no longer supported? Why haven't you upgraded to a newer OS - it is free? And it's fast. I'm watching a 27GB folder copy out to it at over Mbps. This is really cookin' for my old desktop machine.

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Shows that WD can do it right, if they can just avoid the temptation to add unnecessary bravo sierra they've put in their other recent drives. I'm not a big fan of the micro-USB connectors the mini-B were much tougher but I guess we are stuck with them. Anyway, I'll be buying more! Date published: Rated 3 out of 5 by Peppeper from Excellent price in very small package First really good impression: it's really small!!!

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The HD doesn't generate heat at all, even after hours of continue use. The reliability seems very good, but I can't confirm it due to relative short period time use. This low value cause spin down of the plates just a few second after computer stop to request data from it. Even in regular use, divx or mp3 play, the HD spin down and up continuously!!!! Sometime interrupting the continuity of movies!!! I have two units and I used it on different computers with different OS with same result.

Under win OS it's possible to use CrystalDiskInfo to change set of APM to higher value, but the set will be lost once you disconnect the unit from your computer. I hope WD will correct this issue with next firmware.

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I will suggest it just in case it's used to backup data. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Compact, fast and reliable The drive is small enough to fit comfortably in my bag between file folders and my laptop while remaining snug enough to not jostle. I found that the drive started up within seconds on both my Macbook and PC, not something I can say of my Seagate drive which takes anywhere from seconds and let's be honest - seconds matter today. Also the cable fits tightly into the drive socket making worries of disconnection nearly unimaginable.

On the down side, I have found that especially during heavy periods of accessing data the drive became VERY hot, but have not seen an external today that doesn't have the same issue. For the price, it is a very good TB drive from a top-tier company.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Amazing addition to my electronics I've been using this product to serve as a back up for my files and so far it hasn't let me down.

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Some reviews I read say that the hard-rive is super slow but I haven't found that to be the case, granted my computer has 4gb of RAM but to transfer my videos 35gb it only took slightly under 15 minutes so for regular computers I'd think probably an hour would do it. I've had it on for over four hours and it is hardly even warm.

Small, sleek, superrrr easy to use, and it doesn't make anynoise at all. Just plug it in and it's instantly recognized by the computer. So far no complaints but I will definitely update this if I find any. This drive provides high capacity in a small form and does not require external power. This is my second Elements 1TB drive. My call to WD resulted in a referral to Microsoft.

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I finally connected both the new and old Elements drives to my Windows7 laptop and received a disk signature conflict error message. Win7 allowed me to assign a drive letter to the new drive. I moved both drives back to the desktop and Windows XP recognized both drives.