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Desktop applications will be run using the AIR runtime. This will launch the application in the browser or runtime engine, and Flash Builder will connect to the running application, enabling control and introspection for debugging. When debugging an application, you can set breakpoints to indicate you want the application to pause when it reaches a certain line of code. Flash Builder supports breakpoints that are conditional on the value of variables or functions.

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Flash Builder will also prompt you to switch when a breakpoint is hit during debugging. By default, the debugger will stop before the code on the selected line is executed. You can make a breakpoint conditional by editing the breakpoint properties right-clicking the Breakpoint and selecting Breakpoint Properties.

Select the Enabled checkbox and specify the condition that must be true for the breakpoint. You can also choose to specify a value, and the breakpoint will pause when that value changes. Flash Builder allows fine-grained control over the execution of each line of code while debugging. While debugging in the Flex Debug perspective, you can view the current values for your variables using the Variables view.

This view provides a convenient way to explore the variables that exist within the current scope. While this is useful, it can be time consuming to find a specific value during extended debugging sessions or across repeated debugging sessions. The Expressions view enables you to set and view the values of specific expressions, known as Watched Expressions. A Watched Expression is a small code expression that produces a single value. Expressions can be simple variables or complex logic including function calls that evaluate to a single value.

The following figure shows two watched expressions; the first is a variable while the second is a simple Boolean statement. Many applications developed with Flash Builder communicate with external services to read or write data. This communication can be difficult to debug without additional visibility into what is happening.

Flash Builder includes the Network Monitor view, which provides visibility into the network calls made by the application under development. For each request, you can inspect the Request and Response using a view similar to the Variables view. You can choose to preview and debug it in the included Adobe AIR runtime emulator or directly on your locally connected mobile device over USB for Android devices.

You can use all of the traditional debug functionality, including breakpoints, as you would on the desktop; however profiling is not supported for mobile. When your application is run on the emulator you can simulate a rotation, menu, search, or home button press via the AIR debug launcher menu. To package a mobile app, use the Export Release Build process just as you would to prepare desktop and web applications for deployment; however, when you export a release build of a mobile project, Flash Builder packages the build as a native installer, not as an AIR file. For Android, Flash Builder produces an.

On Android, users who do not already have the AIR runtime installed will be prompted to download and install it the first time they run any AIR application. This step is not necessary on iOS, where the runtime is bundled into the packaged application; or on BlackBerry Tablet OS, where the runtime is built into the operating system.

Unit Testing is a commonly used by development teams to provide automated initial and regression testing. Flash Builder supports FlexUnit testing by providing integrated code generation and execution features, including the ability to create TestSuite and TestCase classes and Run and Debug tests. Over a million developers have joined DZone. Refcard Adobe Flash Builder 4. SAVE PDF for easy Reference. Written by. Table of Contents. Section 1.

Getting Adobe Flash Builder 4. Section 2. Server Technology Flash Builder 4. Section 3. Server Settings This screen is used when you need to configure server-side options for your application accessing a Java, ColdFusion, or PHP remote service, for instance. Build Paths The last screen in the wizard is for Build Path settings. Section 4. Workbench The workbench comprises a set of Views, Editors, and Toolbars.

Design Mode Design mode provides a visual preview of your application. VerticalLayout Relative Components are positioned in a column. HorizontalLayout Relative Components are positioned in a row. TileLayout Relative Components are positioned in a grid. Section 5. Data-Centric Development The Flash Builder data-centric development feature enables developers to quickly and easily connect Flex applications to a back-end service. Section 6. Compiling By default, Flash Builder performs a background compilation every time a file is saved. Section 7.

Breakpoints When debugging an application, you can set breakpoints to indicate you want the application to pause when it reaches a certain line of code. Execution Control Flash Builder allows fine-grained control over the execution of each line of code while debugging.

Network Monitor Many applications developed with Flash Builder communicate with external services to read or write data. Section 8. Flash Builder 4. It provides intelligent code editing, step-through debugging and powerful testing tools for both mobile and web development. Adobe Flash Builder 4. Tour de Flex. Tour de Flex is a desktop application for exploring Flex capabilities and resources, including the core Flex components, Adobe AIR, data integration, and a variety of third-party components, effects, skins, and more.