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What happens when you fuse a collectible cards game with a roguelike?

Katana ZERO is a brutal and fast-paced action platformer from developer Askiisoft and features stylish pixel art and instant death combat. Currently available through Steam Early Access, Below Zero takes the undersea exploration of Subnautica and moves it to the Arctic region of planet B. Black Ops 3 takes us 40 years further into the future to a world ravaged by climate change and unchecked technologies. The battles on the eastern front of WWI are regarded as some of the most brutal in history, so prepare for some intense batlles in this multiplayer shooter from the developers of Verdun.

Do you miss games like the original Doom, Quake, and even Redneck Rampage?

Mac gamers have access to a new form of empire building now that Paradox Interactive has released Imperator Rome. Rise of Industry is a complex strategic tycoon game that puts you in the shoes of an early 20th-century industrialist. With some careful planning and a little luck , you may just help your colony thrive in this hostile environment.

Available on Early Access Simulation Confirmed Frostpunk Frostpunk Frostpunk is a city-building survival game set in a late s where rampant snowstorms and frost led to the death of millions. You are amongst of a group of survivors—workers and engineers—who managed to locate a heat generator and are using to build a new city.

The MacOS version of Frostpunk was about to be released when a critical bug was found. Hopefully, developer 11 bit studios is close to finding a fix and releasing Frostpunk on Mac soon. Of course, there will be tombs, as well, along with deep, underwater tunnels and even an underground city. Although the characters from the much-heralded original Life is Strange are gone, the overall tone and gameplay mechanics remain in this sequel.

As Sean, you will be forced to make difficult decisions that not only affect your quest, but also the lives of those around you. If you miss those days, In the Valley of Gods returns us to a s Egypt in the form of a first-person adventure. Playing as Rashida, you will explore an ancient valley in hopes of discovering an archaeological find that will restore your disgraced name.

But does fame and fortune await you, or death? Fans of Firewatch will definitely want to keep their eye on this latest game from developer Campo Santo. Or, more accurately, in what remains of a procedurally generated North America. This strategy game from Finji features randomly generated levels filled with difficult choices for you to make. Will you be able to make the right decisions on how to acquire and utilize fuel supplies, weapons, and more as you embark on your post-apocalyptic road trip? Find out when the game is released for Mac later this year.

With support for up to four players, Wargroove pits you against other factions in retro, turn-based combat. In addition to the campaign mode, Wargroove includes an in-game editor that allows players to create their own maps, cut-scenes and campaigns to share online. The game features fully simulated planets you'll need to explore in your search for answers.

Problem is, you have only 20 minutes before your planet is destroyed. Similar to the cult-classic Zelda Majora's Mask, you'll need to use what you learn from every playthrough to eventually save the universe.

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Outer Wilds has been delayed beyond its planned release, but it looks to be worth the wait for adventure gamers. Orcs, humans, night elves and the undead will battle through vast campaigns with over four hours of reshot cut-scenes. Warcraft 3: Reforged offers over 60 single-player missions in which combatants and strategists can re-experience the fall of Lordaeron, the rise of the Lich King, and more. This arcade racer lets you choose from 15 Sonic characters as you speed through intense, multiplayer tracks.

Customize and upgrade your cars, pick up and use 14 offensive and defensive power-ups, and try to beat up to 11 other racers. Various multiplayer racing options will be available—including online and local co-op for team racing—as well as an adventure mode to introduce you to the characters and their abilities. Billed as a cross between Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, Save the World tasks players with working together to explore the environment, scavenge materials, craft weapons, and build forts to help fight off waves of monsters. Fortnite is available now via paid early-access, with the official release for all platforms scheduled for this year.

Battles will take place in procedural, destructive environments spread across a large number of diverse missions. A full cast of characters are available for you to control and set up as companions. These characters will also engage in turn-based combat where the goal is to subdue, not kill, them. Kind of a refreshing approach these days, really. Killing people can lead to mechanical repercussions down the road, and NPCs remember what you did to them in the past.

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Confirmed Role-Playing Confirmed No. Our Criteria. A lot of MacOS games are coming out in A whole lot. Thus, we have to be very selective in choosing which games make this list. So, how did we pull these particular games to the top? Wrapping Up. Next Tropico 6 is finally available on Mac. About The Author.

Scott on May 17, at am. James Locker on May 21, at pm. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Most Read. Search for:. Can your Mac run it? Divinity: Original Sin 2. Available on Early Access. Frostpunk Frostpunk is a city-building survival game set in a late s where rampant snowstorms and frost led to the death of millions. Life is Strange 2 A tragic accident forces two brothers on the run.

Guns of Glory – Become the Master of Distance Attacks

In the Valley of Gods There was a point not too long ago where it seemed every adventure game was set in either Egypt or Atlantis. Wargroove Already shadow released for Mac in beta form, Wargroove is lovingly aimed directly towards fans of the early Fire Emblem and Advance Wars games.

Available in Beta. Outer Wilds Outer Wilds, the first ever game funded on Fig. Do you have a desktop icon? Please help! And btw to download this game click on Desktop Destruction Game, its in blue text and the download should start. I love this game i used to play it as a little kid and remembered it. Man good times. This is the awesomeesed game ever! My friends love it and if you get a screen buddie you can destroy him to! Someone said that there was the xmas version.

Even though it shows it as a virus: Joke. StressRelive it is NOT a virus. The game is super cool but can I keep it on my computer so any time I want to play, I can just activate it or do I have to come back here and download it over and over? This is so cool! Note: It is not permanent. And its freaking awesome! Lots of sound. This is the sickest thing in the world! I tricked my cousin with his new computer i made the screen all black and he was like wtf. How to download : Google Chrome only! So what did you all think of the game??

Well, I love it try this: Go to the windows out thing and click on it 2 times to shoot the desktop destruction! With mcafee, just click on the little arrow and then click the middle option. Anyway, the game is good. I love this. Besides, Desktop Destroyer and I are married. We had kids. Our first kid is Kevin. Our second is Annie. Our third is Vince. Last but not least, our fourth is IvyLee. We are working on fifth and sixth.

I really liked it. I had it on windows But I upgraded. Is there a second game with new weapons and stuff like that? I like it! It was so awesome! If you didnt know how to turn it off, press the ESC button on your keyborad two times and there u go! Now you can enjoy on the internet. I have McAfee. I want to download this great games but a note keeps coming up saying remove this and that. Please help me! I have a notebook and a home computer. So happy that after I post this I am going to download it! By the way,someone told me that the christmas version has spyware.

I only played it when i was a kid but i shall download it today but it may already may be in my computor by the time anyone reads this. S I forgot to say i am in love with this game…by!!!! This game is amazing.. ME and my familly used to play it years ago, but than we accidentely deleted it. I like ti it should have more weapons like a bomb, or a computer virus, when you place it it eats a lot of your desktop and there is only matrix falling numbers on the place where you placed it! Wonderful game.. Is the best game of desktop destruction ever!!

But sometimes in the hammer just appear the lines of crashed the hammer doesnt move. My cousin showed this to me years ago and I just now remembered it. My favorite thing to do is cover the screen with termites and then smash them with a hammer! I like this game. This game is my favorite. Not such much stress reliever when you want to get it off your PC! Backup encountered a problem while backing up file C:WindowsSystem32configsystemprofileDesktop Destroyer. Whenever I try to run it, it just comes up as a document in Japanese.

Can someone help me out here? Ita awesome! I love it! Ok never mind people I gotz it to work!!! OMG it is sooo fun!!!! This is soo great for when i get mad at my brothers!!!! Now I can just go to a pic of them,and go to the link. Hehehe lolz. Text meeeeeee!!!!!! Hi Sonja, Thank you for the comment. According to the…. Some of this information is incorrect! For example the rent…. Hi Juliana, I am so sorry to hear this happened…. Crystal this is your Cousin Steven Moore give me a…. Pop Culture. Destroy your Desktop! Free Game Download!

Staff December 27, Use these tools to destroy your desktop! Related Items gaming. View Comments Mea June 5, at am. Awesomeness June 5, at pm. Jc June 8, at am. Gregory June 19, at pm. I love this game by the way how do I make a desktop icon?? Where can i find the christmas version of the desktop destroyer.

The game is way cool but it needs more weapons. DD June 25, at am. Nabin June 27, at am. Jon June 28, at am. I have vista and when i download it it says i have no permission when i put admin pass. Jewel June 28, at pm. Its awsome because I watched my friend play it. But I cant get the desktop icon. Bailz June 29, at am. Cerindris Nenharma July 3, at pm. July 5, at am. It looks like the destruction game is good. It is a great game. Play it on your desktop!!

It is the best game I ever played! I think this is the coolest game ever. Will it destroy your computer for real? How do i make it into a shortcut on my desktop. Colton July 10, at pm. Alex July 11, at am. To play, you go and click on Desktop Destruction Game. Rachel July 11, at pm. Is it permanant? Agree with the terms and conditions and click Desktop Destruction Game.

Guys its a real enemy for your PC. Callum July 15, at pm. Josh July 16, at pm. Allison July 16, at pm. It doesnt work for me. I tried downloading it but its make my macafee pop up and deletes it. Hannah July 17, at am. This game is so cool it has the funkiest stuff on ever! Hay July 18, at am. Todd July 19, at am. I had this game on my old Gateway and I finally found it again!

Adam July 23, at am. My mcafee thing deletes it. Edward Bowden July 25, at am. Mcfee is not letting me download it! Every time I down load it, something pops up in like Chinese. This game is cool?? But how to download it??? Josh July 30, at am. Rexx July 31, at am. Amanda July 31, at pm. How do you download it?! Angela Joanna Chikiamco August 2, at am. Blue Kinz1 August 3, at pm. Hi world. The game is awesome. So cool! I destroy club penguin and poptropica. Jacob August 4, at pm. I set a photo of my enemy as a desktop background and then I let loose. Have fun!!!

Keanne August 6, at am. Max August 8, at pm. Just click the desktop destructinon game highlited in blue. This is cooler than I expected! This is great! George August 11, at am. Chris August 12, at pm. Joe August 14, at pm. Olivia August 15, at am. Joe August 15, at am. I put a pic of my ex-girlfriend on as my desktop and destroyed it! Mia August 15, at am. This is cool. I was on a game then I used the it and I killed my character lol. Koopa Joe August 18, at pm. Max August 19, at pm. This is awesome! When I download it, I cannot come back to it.

Brendan August 21, at am. I tried downloading it but its make my mcafee pop up and deletes it. Ben August 21, at pm. Andydu August 23, at pm. Junaid Butt August 24, at am. Wyatt August 27, at pm. Wash August 28, at pm. Maria August 29, at am. Kanisushi August 29, at pm. Danny August 30, at pm. Simeon August 31, at am. April August 31, at pm. I want to download this software because they said its awesome! Reece September 4, at pm.

How come every time I go on this I have to download it again. Last time I used this, the page was different. Jack September 7, at am. Could my computer crash if I download this? BrianX September 9, at pm. Biswaxx September 9, at pm. Not cool but awesome!!! You know I think you have a big brian! This is for you brianx:! Jesse September 13, at am. Jordan September 13, at am.

I can use it when I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oliver September 15, at am. Jonathan September 15, at pm. Christopher September 18, at pm. September 21, at pm.

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Breanna Hardaway September 23, at pm. Marcus Akin September 24, at am. I thought is was bloody brillant!!!! Im 35 and i thought it was the best game EVER!!!! Mail Leppeonk September 24, at pm. I cant download it.