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Has anyone ever landed on any street and drive around. Unlimited and nothing blocks you out. However, It is Tune Town. Try it. Great for getting to know your way around and better than the blurry ground level driving. I found this fail while flying! Dont people look at the design of things before they are built? One would hope so.

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction. Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. AHHH, i can't get it to go!!!!!!!! When the insallation finishes, launch Google Earth from it's shortcut.

Traveling Around the Globe by Plane

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Fly around the world

Internet of Things Class. MatthewL Tip 6 months ago on Introduction. Knowing what every reading signifies or represents is necessary. Underneath the compass is a meter-like instrument which reads 0 at the beginning. When the figure goes negative, it simply means the aircraft is descending or going down. Then comes the altitude above sea level in feet.

If starting from New York airport, this should read At the center of the screen are some more lines and arcs. For example, if the pitch angle reads 90, this means the aircraft is nose up vertically and is stalling. At the bottom left corner, a box with left, right, top and bottom represents throttle, elevator, aileron and rudder respectively.

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Just above this, the flap indicator percent and landing gear status shows up once the plane is airborne. The SR has a fixed gear so beginners should not be bothered about that. Click and press Page Up key to increase thrust. This will start the plane and move it forward. Once the plane has picked up speed and is accelerating down the runway, move the mouse cursor down to lift the nose of the aircraft.

This will lift it off the ground and make it go airborne. The F has a V1 speed of knots, so when it reaches that speed, the plane should lift off into the air. Once in the air, turning the aircraft left or right might get a little confusing. To turn right, move the cursor in the same direction till the ground is directly to the right and then move the cursor to the bottom of the screen.

Similarly, move the cursor to the left till the ground is directly to the left and then move the cursor towards the bottom of the screen to turn the aircraft left. Angling down, by moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen lifts the nose of the plane thus making it go up.

More Fine Controls

Similarly, moving the cursor towards the top of the screen will angle down making the plane descend. User must fly towards the preferred landing airport and increase the throttle to maximum and retract gear and flaps. When ready to land, the aircraft must be aligned such that the path they had drawn is completely vertical and in the center of the screen. Once the aircraft is aligned to the runway, decrease the speed Page Down and lose thrust. This not only slows down the aircraft but also makes it difficult to steer. Slowly move the cursor upwards so as to bring the aircraft down.

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The altitude and the speed should be kept track of. If the aircraft is not slow enough, the plane will crash-land. For the F, knots will be the maximum ideal speed. When the aircraft is around a feet off ground, the descent must be done very carefully. This is the tricky part where the aircraft mostly crashes. Users will have to nose down very gently.

The plane is likely to bounce off a little bit, but again it should be angled down very slowly.

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