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Powerpoint is an ultimate program to help users to complete different and complicated tasks. It has many powerful features that you can't imagine, for example, it helps users to record screen with ease. But there are lots of reports that OBS does not work.

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In order to stream or record LoL games with OBS, you can run the game in borderless window mode to get the desired video files for social media. Set your games to Windowed or Borderless under the video settings while in game. Go to settings to broadcast the gameplay to twitch or other channels. In the way, you can directly start recording the gameplay, or manage the recording from your keyboard directly. Just click the same button or use the hotkey to stop recording. You can find the files in the destination folder or upload to Twitch directly.

It is the reason that professional players use OBS Studio to capture gameplay. In order to capture LoL games without lag, you can take some professional game capturer into consideration. Elgato Game Capturer enables players to record gameplay with HD quality. You can record League of Legends game footage while maintaining a steady frame rate on your computer. The program will recognize the game capturer automatically.

After that you can start the LoL game on your computer as usual. In the settings and preference section, you can set up the video quality as well as the output channels for recording LoL gameplay.


Step 3: Record both the system audio and microphone for the League of Legends games. After that you can click the Recording red button located at the lower right portion of the program. Step 4: Once you want to end the recording process, you can click the Record button. Enter to the Edit option to further edit the recorded videos for LoL gameplay. Record League of Legends gameplay and show off your skills on YouTube and other social media channels are essential for professional players.

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You can use the built-in game recorder to get some desired files, or use the professional programs to record LoL games. Once you get some satisfied files with the League of Legends gameplay videos, you can share them online with friends and audiences. If you have any other query about how to record LoL games on computer, you can share your points in the comments.

Just read on the article to find some useful information now. Moreover, you can edit the gameplay videos with multiple annotation tools. Choose full-screen window or customized screen size for gameplay. Record gameplay and add webcam recordings as commentary. Capture audio files from both system sound and microphone.

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Add texts, arrows, lines, callouts and other drawing panels on the videos. Windows User: Step 1. Mac User: The latest macOS Mojave updated a new feature to allow users to record screen on Mac as well as take screenshots with the default capture tool.

Optimal tools to record LoL gameplay video

Select where you want to record and click Capture. Save the recording video. Launch Quick Time. Select the recording area and mode and then click the red record button to begin. You can use it to record screen for other games, too.

2: Record League of Legends Using a Capture Card:

Option 2. Conclusion Record League of Legends gameplay and show off your skills on YouTube and other social media channels are essential for professional players. You can record audio and video of your favorite games with a resolution up to x and custom frame rates at 1 to FPS.

How To Record & Stream League Of Legends With OBS Studio On Twitch + Youtube! (Client & Game)

Nvidia ShadowPlay comes with two different modes for gamers: shadow mode and manual. For the best high definition output and highest frames per second, the Action! It uses fewer megabytes per frame when recording and low computer resources. Windows 10's answer to game recording software is Game Bar, a software included in the operating system. For more casual gamers, the Windows 10 Game Bar keeps it simple.

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Though it can take some time setting up and has a learning curve, its customizable functionality shines for gamers who want full control over hotkeys, recording and more. Producers and detailed gamers who love to tinker around may find ReLive to be the right fit to meet their production needs. The lightweight software records as soon as you start gaming without all the setup.

It even automatically adds key events for popular games like Overwatch and League of Legends. Share Pin Email. Updated February 27, Buy on Obsproject. Buy on Fraps. Buy on Nvidia. Buy on Actionrecorder.