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Class Schedules - Block based. Quickly switch between block schedule days. Customize myHomework to your liking with over 60 themes.

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App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Content purchased from the iTunes Store is for personal lawful use only. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Use of these trademarks is subject to Google Permissions. Company About Blog Press Contact. PAL is a cool flashcard app that gives you a few samples to start with, but lets you create and import your own decks as well. You can use text or images when creating your cards, which makes it handy for any course.

PAL also lets you share your flashcard decks with fellow students by sending a link. If you want a basic, easy flashcard app for Mac, this is it. Flashcard Hero Lite is another great flashcard app.


Create cards, decks, and topics with just a click. And if you like to be a little creative with your flashcards, the app lets you format text and use lists in your answers. At study time, you can use the Memorize , Type , or Multiple Choice features. You can adjust the deck for a more productive study session by using your iPhone as a remote, use text-to-speech, and shuffle the cards. Flashcard Hero Lite also gives you a progress section to check out. Download : Flashcard Hero Lite Free, premium version available.

Every student is familiar with writing. You may be familiar with Grammarly due to its popular browser extensions that help you avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. But the company also offers a Mac app that does more than that. You can use it as a full writing tool with built-in spelling and grammar features. Create a new document or import one to get started. You can adjust the settings to show word count and increase the font size. You can also view your performance stats and set goals.

Grammarly on Mac provides a really solid writing experience that helps you avoid errors. Download : Grammarly Free, subscription available. Another terrific writing tool on Mac is Bear. You can create full documents with headings, font formatting, lists, and even code for programmers. Bear lets you change to a distraction-free experience, send or share your papers quickly, and view stats like word, character, and paragraph counts.

You can adjust the settings in Bear for sorting, shortcuts, fonts, lines, paragraphs, and more. Download : Bear Free, subscription available.

And it's easy. We show you how to combine both strategies for research, planning, and innovating. Read More for organizing your thoughts in a visual way. Maybe you have a large team project to collaborate on, an in-depth paper to write, or just need to brainstorm ideas. These mind map apps make it easy.

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SimpleMind Lite is one of the easiest ways to create mind maps. The interface is intuitive with a nice toolbar at the top. Add your nodes, use custom colors or palettes, and adjust the style. You can choose from a variety of styles like bright colors, chart, grayscale, and colors on black to get started. The app gives you zoom and print options, clipboard features, freeform or horizontal layouts, and a distraction-free mind mapping feature. If you like to work with an outline view in addition to the visual map, check out Junkyard. Open up the sidebar and start creating your map with a click.

You can pick from various font styles and colors, and adjust the alignment and layout easily. When you want to see your outline, just click its button in the sidebar.

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You can even export and print your outline, which is great for a written view of your assignment or project. Junkyard does display an ad at the bottom of the window, but unlike similar apps, you receive all features for free. You can remove the ad via in-app purchase.

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Download : Junkyard Free. But breaks are important to your mental health as well.