Android file transfer problems on mac

After Apple removed their built-in Sync Service several years ago, all apps that used it to sync data between macOS and Android, stopped working.

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Thanks for reading through the list of Android file transfer Mac apps - choose what suits you best and keep data updated between your Mac and Android! Best Android file transfer Mac apps that definitely worth your time. Top choice. SyncMate 4.

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Olga Weis SyncMate Expert. Requirements: OS X Version 7. Download Purchase. Download SyncMate and install it on your Mac. This feature is offered in Expert edition so you will need to upgrade your Free version.

Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

Choose folder you need to transfer data to or from and move it as needed. Commander One This is a different type of app than SyncMate, but still worth the attention. Android File Transfer for Mac by Google Android File Transfer Mac by Google is the only native utility that could be rather helpful in file transfer, but unfortunately it has not been updated for several years and the interface is not easy to understand. How to fix Android File Transfer Mac if it is not working? If not, update it on the spot.

Cloud services Using cloud storages is also an option even if not the most convenient one. Key factors we considered while choosing the best Android file transfer for Mac.

SOLVED Can't Access Device Storage - USB Connect Android Phone to Mac

The app worth your attention must be able to transfer all data types - media, folders, personal like contacts or calendar events. Who wants to install several apps to keep ALL data between Mac and Android updated if all of that can be done within one app?

How to Fix Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

Data sync and transfer are complicated processes so Android file transfer Mac apps should provide you with wide range of data transfer settings. OS support. Android OS as well as macOS are constantly updated and the app you will buy should support the latest versions. App lifecycle. Is that possible? If so, how does one go about it? No worries. Just click OK — which quits the app — and then relaunch it from your Applications folder.

You should be good to go. Still complaining? Match what I have above, unplug, plug it in again and you should be good to go! I told you, confusing. Easiest solution?

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  4. Super easy! Open up the copy of the Camera file on your Desktop and the Mac Finder will add previews for any formats it understands:. Pretty darn easy once you know how to work with the Android File Transfer program. Never occurred to me that using Kies, which I removed from my MAC many years ago, could be the problem.

    Method 2. Diagnose Mac

    Driving me nuts! I tried everything else suggested on Android sites and nothing worked. I followed the directions, worked. I thank you. I feel for the many folks that struggle with this. Appreciate you posting the solution. Thanks a lot for the simple excellent tip. Wasted a lot of time searching and following tips given in other sites. Only yours worked. Kudos to you! Aaaah, that was the solution! I nearly got mad finding a solution. When you mouseover the download link, the file there is kiessetup.

    Obviously, this is not your problem, but putting this issue aside, I suspect my issue is different. I have never owned an Android phone before I just got a new Galaxy S7 a week ago , so there would be no reason for me to have installed the Kies drivers on my Mac in the past unless they are pre-installed by Apple, which I doubt.

    In addition to getting the same error message that you did on your Mac, I also get the following message on the phone:. Reconnect the USB cable and try again. It seems to not even recognize that Android File Transfer is installed on the Mac. I have an update on my issue. I was having the same issue and noticed the. I am unable to download the KiesMacSetup. The link on the Samsung website downloads the Windows executable. Any suggestions on where to find the Kies for Mac? Oops, it seems like they updated the software and put the wrong link.

    Best Android file transfer Mac apps that definitely worth your time

    Thanks for the advice. Your email address will not be published. TechWalls uses cookies for Google ads. Read about what we do with the data we gather in the Privacy Policy. Could not connect to device. Comments Worked as a charm. No, I uninstalled it only once and the app works perfectly now.