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Here is how you can check:. Reset your network settings. The problem may be a network related issue. Resetting your network setting may resolve this issue. However, please note that, as the name implies, this will reset your network settings, e. Tried all that.

Here's how to drop a pin in Google Maps, so you'll never be lost again

Still unable to wake up the blue dot. Same error msg…could not determine location. You should update the Google maps version to last version and delete the map application.. Each map has all the locations i am interested in. I have tried all of the above and still nothing.

ESS - Creating A Google Map With Multiple Locations

I am having the same issue. I have updated everything and deleted and reinstalled the google maps app several times with no luck. I have the same issue and I have been using The map which I created for my work. All my projects and my account are on The Map. I could not visit my project for a week. I need help. Only way of accessing my personal maps is either on my laptop or by using the desktop version of Google Maps on my iPhone and iPad.

Nothing helps…. I too am having the exact same problem described by Nazar Dindo. As a salesperson, I rely on the pins I have through Google maps on my iPhone.

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My Saved Maps are not showing either. I can see the saved maps on my computer.

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  6. It will open your map with the pins on it… From there you can zoom in and click on the pin you want then drag the named location up from the bottom it will show you the address and click view in google maps. I tried to open it on my girlfriends Android and it works as it should.

    Exact same problem. Exact same issue as everyone above! Pins that were working fine recently just stopped showing up, on my iphone and ipad. Tried everything mentioned above.

    How to Drop a Pin on Google Maps

    Hope they come up with a fix soon. I was following this thread as I was experiencing the same issues on the iPhone app. It looks like Google Maps has released an update that fixes these bugs and now the layers in my maps are visible and selectable again! Even trying to close the apps individually, and rebooting after the process. Your email address will not be published.

    How to News Not working? To share the directions, click the three-bar icon in the left menu screen to open the Google Maps menu.

    Mark a location with a pin in Maps on Mac

    Then select Share or embed map. You can use the social media links to share that way, or click copy link , then paste into an email. To remove the pin, right-click on it, and choose Remove this destination from the menu. To create directions, tap Directions. Then, in the Your location field, type in the starting location. Driving directions will appear as usual. Share Pin Email. Follow these steps to create directions to a Google Maps pin location using your PC:. Using your mouse, drag or zoom to view an even narrower area. In the Choose a starting point field, enter the address to start from.

    Driving directions will appear as usual in Google Maps.

    Multiple Maps

    Follow the instructions below to create a Google Maps pin using your phone:. Open Google Maps. Type an address in the search field, or scroll to find the area you want.