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The Mac's startup chime can be very noisy, especially in an otherwise quiet environment. Over the years, the tones the Mac generates when the startup test fails became collectively known as the chimes of death.

Disable startup sound Lion iMac 2011

As scary as that sounds, Apple sometimes added a bit of humor to the chimes of death, as it did with the old Performa series of Macs, which used a car crash sound. There were also one or two PowerBook models that used a rendition of the Twilight Zone theme. The way to turn down the volume of the startup chime isn't readily apparent, especially if you have external speakers, headphones, or other sound devices connected to your Mac.

Nevertheless, the process is easy, if a bit convoluted.

Silent Start - Silence your Mac's startup chime

There's another method for controlling the startup chime volume. Using the Terminal app, you can completely mute any sound played through the internal speakers. This isn't the best option; lowering the volume, using the method above, is a better course of action to take. The advantage of this method is that it will work with any version of OS X, while the simpler Sound preference pane trick is a bit iffy in earlier versions of the OS.

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Should you ever wish to unmute the startup chime and return it to its default volume, you can do so in Terminal using the following command:. Still having problems getting the startup sound back?

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  • How to Mute the Mac Startup Sound.
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    How to Disable the Boot Sound (or “Startup Chime”) on a Mac

    He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. If at any point you want to re-enable the startup sound, then simply launch a Terminal window and run the following command:.

    Get Rid Of The Mac Startup Chime [OS X Tips]

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    How to silence your Mac’s startup sound

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