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As far as they are concerned that still counts as a fix.

Another "solution" they gave me was to change the DNS address in system preferences- Not Ideal as everytime you connect your laptop to a new network you will have to reset them. An absolute joke.

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Best to have your bank card to hand. BT wouldnt confirm or answer any questions relating the the blocklist but have now rectified the issue by using mail. I am wondering how you went about rectifying your problems as I think this is a big problem that BT are causing customers. I have just had a load of conversations with the phone jockeys at BT about this, they don't admit that it's their fault that they are blocking my provided work email and try to charge me thirty pounds every time I tell them the problem.

It's surely illegal?

I only have this problem at my mother's house which I am currently house sitting , and I don't have a BT email account do how the heck should I get this thing to work?! Sign In Forum Help. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. On the next screen, enter the mail server "pophost.

On the final screen, enter the username and password e-mailed to you when you opened the pop3 mail box or reg hosting account. POP boxes always begin with your reg username followed by a '-' and then a number. Thats it, you are now ready to receive mail. Any solutions?

How to Setup a IMAP mail account for Apple Mail

To do this go to the manage DNS section of your reg control panel and make sure the 2 mx records show as: mx0. Right - finally, the reg email address is accepting and sending emails.

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If you not like that, simply mark both items No. The Email Sync also allows for access to Pipedrive's Email Tracking functions, which allow users to see when the recipient has opened your sent email or any of its included links. To read more about the Email Tracking feature, click here.

You can also choose which email application you would like to use to compose new email messages. If you select Open email links in Pipedrive , clicking on an email address link in Pipedrive will take you to the Mail tab of your Pipedrive account to compose that email. If you select Use the default email app in my computer to open email links , clicking on email address links in Pipedrive will open the program like Outlook that you have set as the default email composition client to send that email.

If you find that the email address you've synced receives emails that you do not wish to arrive in Pipedrive, you can register a specific email address example domain. Any address or domain that is ignored will no longer appear in the Mail tab of your Pipedrive account.

How to set up AppleMail to get your email on 123-reg.co.uk

However, if you send your emails from a different email than the one used to log into Pipedrive, you should add that email address as an alternative email address. Adding an email as an alternative email address will send a confirmation email to the added email address, which will need to be validated before that address can be used successfully as an alternative email in Pipedrive. This setting configures the default sharing setting of all future emails in Pipedrive. Note, altering this function will not overwrite the current email sharing settings of your existing emails, and will only apply to emails received after the setting has been updated.

When Share all my linked email conversations with others in my company is chosen, other users in your Pipedrive account can see emails associated with any contacts or deals that they have the ability to see. If Keep all my email conversations private is chosen, emails will not be visible to any other users in the account — even Admin Users — under any circumstances.