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This now includes improved capability with MacOS X Available to faculty, staff and students for use at main and regional campuses and on your home computer. Available to faculty, staff, and students for personal and OSU-business use. You may order the software from the FileZilla download page. Use is limited to instruction, academic research, and coursework.

JMP is an interactive software tool designed for statistical visualization and exploratory data analysis. This is available to faculty, staff and students on main campus only.

It can be used for classroom instruction, academic research and course work only. Home use is allowed for a holder of the license on campus. The right-to-use license is no charge. Supported Versions: Current release supported; "Mid-year Upgrade Protection" ensures releases stay current. LANDesk Software provides systems management, security management, service management, asset management, and process management solutions to organizations.

Pricing is based on a per-FTE basis, as calculated by Site Licensing based on departmental Microsoft FTE counts, and all departments receive the same price, regardless of size. To obtain copies of this software, request a quote from Pete Kelley, ext. OSU's pricing is guaranteed through June A powerful and comprehensive interactive symbolic algebra system used for engineering and mathematical instruction and research.

Available to faculty and staff for use on computers on campus or in their homes for university-related business. Software must be returned when leaving OSU. This program comes in a desktop version and a server version. The server version may be used to run Maple in a LAN environment. Maple contains extensive Help after installation. This site offers a free online resource of technical solutions submitted by Maple users from around the world. When you link to this site, you also have access to the Maple Student Center for course help, Maple Power Tools which are add-on packages and The Maple Reporter which is published semiannually and covers new developments at Waterloo Maple, Inc.

MATLAB is an interactive environment for numeric computation that specializes in working with matrices. It combines a powerful user interface with 2-D and 3-D graphics and a comprehensive library of mathematical analysis techniques. Ohio State faculty, staff, and students are now licensed for all client toolboxes. Available to faculty and academic staff for teaching and research on OSU owned or controlled computers and campus computer labs.

It is also available to faculty, academic staff and students for use on personally owned computers. Student use is limited to use in meeting classroom requirements and courses of study offered by OSU. Commercial use is prohibited. Additional toolboxes may be ordered. Please contact Bryan Zocco of The Mathworks at , bzocco mathworks. In this case The Mathworks will generate any additional license codes for add-on toolboxes Child Licenses for you to combine during installation with your Standard Configuration license codes.

If you are purchasing additional toolboxes not in the Standard OSU configuration, you may want to read this guide. Student use in labs only. This is a technical computing system used by science, industry and academia.

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It combines high-precision numeric and symbolic computation with data visualization and programming capabilities. This license was obtained by the College of Math and Physical Sciences. This version is licensed to currently employed faculty and staff. This software may be used on OSU-owned machines or personal machines in support of instruction of academic research. Research laboratories are not eligible unless their primary mission is the direct teaching of students. The software is licensed annually at no charge, currently. The license runs from September to September of each year.

This version available via electronic download through OCIO is "Mathematica for Students" and is licensed to currently enrolled students only. It is for use only on student-owned computers for instruction and research activities. The software is licensed annually at no charge currently. Newswatcher enables you to use your Macintosh computer to read and post news articles on network news groups. This is available to faculty, staff and students for main and regional campuses and your home computer. This version runs on MacOS X only. Windows Computer Software.

Web and Desktop Publishing Software for Windows. Adobe Systems Software for Windows. Microsoft Windows Computer Software. Microsoft Windows Vista Computer Software. All Auction Buy It Now. Sort: Best Match.

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Office account for installation Not key. New Office account and Install Guide.

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CorelDraw Graphics Suite for Windows - dare to design differently! Find all the professional vector illustration, layout, photo editing and design tools you need to work faster, smarter, and in more places with this superior graphic design software. The status is new. You can install Office on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets, and up to 5 smartphones. For a new installation. This is not valid to renew an existing account or product.

Once you change it, there's no way to recover it. Product requires an internet connection. Supplied by authorized Microsoft partners. We suggest using latest version. In the case, you want to protect your Android devices Android 4.

Install an older version of Adobe Reader on Mac OS

The anti-ransomware protection component is only available on Windows 7 or higher. T he product key can only be used with a fresh Windows 10 professional installation. Keys can be used globally on any Windows 10 Pro language version. Upgrade from win7, 8 and other editions of Windows systems are not supported. The product key can only be used with a fresh Windows 10 professional installation, upgrade from win7, 8 and other editions of Windows systems are not supported.

Where is this code?. A "system builder" is anyone who assembles, reassembles or installs software on a new or used computer system. If you have already installed the program, you only need the key. Global Key. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Norton Security Standard 3. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Tweets by macstrategy via fetchrss. This article will help you secure your older operating system and also source up-to-date, more secure applications if they are available alternative applications are listed in OS support order not in any order of recommendation.

If you are currently running OS X You should therefore read all of this article and heed the recommendations given within it. OS X Apple provided guides for securing some versions of their operating systems. If you still use OS X Instructions for removing iTunes using a Macintosh can be found in our article here. Links for downloading older versions of iTunes can be found in our article here.

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Alternative media managers: Swinsian OS X Preview Malware is easily spread via bad documents e. Safari See the Web Browsers section below. These parts are no longer updated by Apple but may suffer serious security flaws and could be updated by the third parties themselves.