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What Is Bad Sector?

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DiskWarrior will recover your documents, photos, music and any other files when disaster strikes and you lose access to your files. Your Mac may even tell you that you need to "Initialize Disk" which would erase your entire disk! DiskWarrior gets you back up and running fast!

Perhaps you've tried to open a document and all that happens is a color wheel that spins and spins and spins… Or your Mac no longer starts up… Or your external hard disk no longer appears… Or your MP3s won't play Or every time you look through your photos, your Mac crashes. These might indicate directory damage or even a pending drive failure. DiskWarrior repairs disks no other utility program can repair. With a single click, DiskWarrior reads the damaged directory and finds all salvageable files and folders and builds a new error-free, optimized directory for you to use. DiskWarrior repairs those cryptic errors reported by Disk Utility.

These are often a result of your computer turning OFF suddenly when data is being written or accessed. Virus or malware attacks are also other reasons for logical bad sectors. This prevents your computer from getting stuck each time it comes across those sectors. It may not be a big deal if there are a few bad sectors on your drive but if there are a large number of them, it can be indication that your hard drive is failing. And if you need to recover data from failed Mac hard drives , use Remo Recover data recovery software. All your data and partitions can be recovered easily using this tool.

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  • It is possible to repair bad sectors using a built in repair tool on your Mac. To run this tool, follow the steps below. Your disk will be repaired and an explanation of what has been repaired will be reported. Once you reach that point, it means your drive has been repaired by Disk Utility and you no longer have bad sectors on your drive. Bad sectors are a harsh truth and generally cannot be avoided. Of course you can take basic precautions such as shut down your system in a proper manner, always use a UPS to prevent abrupt shutdowns, invest in a good antivirus etc.

    Just make sure to always have a backup of important data and be prepared. User does not need to have physical access to a specific computer all the time, which is especially useful for all kinds of server rooms, data centers, etc. DriveDx just warned of pending drive failure - second time binaryfruit app has avoided server crash.

    Drive Dx. Buy Now. Try It Now for Free! Req: OS X Here's a DriveDx triumph. DriveDx showed my just out of AppleCare iMac with two pre-fail conditions for the hard drive. Made appointment and took it to Genius Bar yesterday. Tech looked at DriveDx and was very impressed. Even though out of warranty - they replaced the drive without question. God knows how many dollars and troubles DriveDx saved me since I had several vital FinalCut projects on it!

    5 Utilities for Repairing Bad Sectors in Mac Hard Drives

    I just registered my copy of DriveDx. I want to say thanks for saving me a whole lot of time, expense, and aggravation. Lately, the system has been hanging under heavy load. Thanks a million! Bill Kirwin , Information Technology Thaumaturgist. DriveDx exposes low-level information of internal sensors, pre-fail indicators and lifetime accumulators of information that have allowed me to anticipate problems before they affect my system.

    As a result, I sent external drive back to LaCie for exchange under warranty due to anticipated drive failure. This is one of the best investments you can make in your system. I recommend it highly. Mark Friedman , photographer. External backup disk will have been gone soon.. It's time for NAS server.

    How to Fix Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

    Thanks for letting me know BinaryFruit! A couple of days ago, DriveDx warned me pre-failing for one of my external drives. I don't use it any more for backup.

    Speed Up Mac and Spare Bad Blocks with Drive Genius