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Page Discussion View Edit History. External general settings for the fan patch. System Native Notes Origin. External video settings for the fan patch. External input settings for the fan patch. Keyboard and mouse State Notes Remapping. Audio feature State Notes Separate volume controls. Type Native Notes Matchmaking. Executable bit bit Notes Windows.

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Middleware Notes Multiplayer Westwood Online. Westwood Studios. Intelligent Games. Jun 24, glsl Limit samplers to 8 in combined. Nov 1, lua Change the year number in all lua headers from to Jan 26, mods Add missing tooltip container to settings. May 5, Jan 24, Jun 21, OpenRA. DotSettings Fix newlines in misc other files.

Jun 4, appveyor. May 26, dupFinder. Jun 15, launch-dedicated.


Dec 15, launch-dedicated. Dec 15, launch-game. Join the Forums for discussion. See Hacking for a now very outdated overview of the engine. Read and follow our Code of Conduct. To get your patches merged, please adhere to the Contributing guidelines.

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Mapping We offer a Mapping Tutorial as you can change gameplay drastically with custom rules. For scripted mission have a look at the Lua API.

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There exists an auto-generated Trait documentation to get started with yaml files. Some hints on how to create new OpenRA compatible Pixelart. Upload total conversions at our ModDB profile. Support Sponsor a mirror server if you have some bandwidth to spare. You can immediately set up a Dedicated Game Server.

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You signed out in another tab or window. Add Github issue template. Feb 25, Make Tick return bool. Jul 3, Remove redundant code from ProductionAirdrop. Jul 4, Prevent carryalls picking up non-existent units. Jul 11, Relative mouse pos. Jun 27, Fix csproj formatting. May 26, Fix PostProcess command to handle paths with spaces. This level of camp extends to the units as well. The series phases out standard units like tanks in favor of helicopters that transform into walkers, amphibious naval destroyers, and armored trained attack bears.

Old favorites return, like spies voiced with a Roger Moore -like Bond impersonation , Kirov airships, and Tesla troopers. A new feature to the series is the ability to build almost all of your structures on the water. Sea bases can be protected from most land-based attack units and provide a new dimension to strategic base building. The special-forces units are always an iconic part of the series, and this time around are a mix of new and old with Tanya, Yuriko Omega a Japanese school girl with devastating psychic abilities and Natasha, your typical busty sniper assassin.

Each side has its strengths. The Allies have superior intelligence like spies and cloaking abilities , powerful prism technology Mirage Tanks, prism towers , and the time-altering affects of the Chronosphere. The Soviets prefer brute force the Apocalypse tank and Kirov airship , electrical weapons Tesla Troopers, Stingray boats and the invulnerability granted by the Iron Curtain.

But the new Empire of the Rising Sun faction provides a different sort of advantage to its players. The Empire uses a lot of mech units that can transform from land to air, land to sea, or sea to air to provide a versatile attack force. Heavily influenced by anime and Japanese lore, the Empire commander has katana-wielding shinobi stealth units and Tengu Mechs that can become jet fighters or land based anti-infantry units.

Their Yoriko Omega special-forces unit can toss tanks in the air or obliterate infantry with her mind—making her the single most potent unit in the game. Unit micromanagement has never become more essential.

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