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Now, to figure out how to do that. I would use that for my phone messages and would like to use a different color to note that I had returned a call or make notes regarding the conversation. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. Apr 29, Version 1.

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App Support Privacy Policy. I could. Instead, I take iPhone everywhere, and iPad occasionally goes along, too, but less frequently will I tote my Mac anywhere except a trip.


To get all the features of a digital day planner you pay a subscription price— macOS High Sierra or iOS— which, compared to some subscriptions, seems modest at a few bucks a month. I work for a US technology company in St.

My wife said it would improve our marriage, give us more friends, and reduce stress. I guess that two out of three isn't bad. Read more of my articles here. Put simply, this is the best designed calendar app for macOS. Start with the left panel: Most apps put a mostly useless list of calendars here. Not Fantastical: Here the space is used for an agenda view or your reminders.

FocusList - daily planner & focus timer based on timeboxing and Pomodoro technique

It's a small thing, but it reflects how carefully the developers thought about every design element here to make the calendar intuitive to use. Another little thing: If an identical event shows up in two calendars, it will only show up once, with a pin-strip pattern letting you know it's in two different calendars. Use Fantastical for a while and you'll notice all kinds of little things like this. Adding appointments is quick: Just hit the plus button and start typing. There's natural language processing with animated real-time feedback, making it very clear how the natural language processing works.

Viewing appointments is also great: there are daily, weekly, monthly, and annual views, all well thought out. There's also a great menu bar icon, which basically gives you access to the right-panel in the main interface at any time. Native notifications and a really great Today widget round out the integrations.

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The only downside I can think of is the price, which is high, but Fantastical just might be worth it for you if you spend a lot of time in your calendar. There's a day free trial. Look close and you'll see a few things.

Best Calendar Apps for Mac as of 12222: Plan Your Time to The Perfection

A weather forecast and moon phases show up in the weekly and monthly views, for example. Click around and you'll notice more things. The right panel can show your to do list, for example—tasks are pulled in from Reminders. Or, if you want both Reminders and details, you can have one atop the other. Which is just to say that everything about this program is very flexible. Dig through the preferences and you'll find ways to change the color scheme, what shows up in the info panel, and even change the fonts. You can add a second timezone to the side panel, which is great if you happen to travel a lot or work with teammates in another area.

You can also enable a great menu bar icon for quickly browsing appointments. Dig in and I'm sure you'll find even more things to tweak. And there are five main views for seeing your appointments: daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and list. It's a lot of flexibility. The only downside, as with Fantastical, is the price point, but again this just might be worth it for you if you're looking for the most customizable calendar for Mac. Mac applications tend to focus on doing one thing well, which is why Apple computers come with separate email, contact, to do, notes, and calendar applications.

Microsoft's Outlook does not adhere to this philosophy—it's all those things, and more, all at once. If that's what you're looking for, then Outlook might be just right for you.

How To Plan And Track Your Day With The Mac’s Best Free Onscreen Day Planner App

Yes, the ribbon user interface feels more like a Windows app than a Mac one, but heavy users of the Microsoft Office suite might like that even if Apple purists won't. There are four main views to see your appointments: daily, work week, week, and month. The work week view, which isn't offered by any other tool outlined, is a good example of how work-focused Outlook is.

There are some other nice features: A three day forecast, for example. Collaboration is a key focus, and the integration with email and contacts helps with that. You can also create templates for appointments, which is useful if you regularly invite people to similar things. Exchange accounts are supported, obviously—Microsoft built the Exchange protocol around Outlook.

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But the most recent versions of Outlook for macOS also supports Google Calendar, which was missing as recently as Office