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How to Customize File and Folder Icons on Your Mac

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Here's Where macOS Stores Photos, Books, Music and Other Files

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Change the icons on your Mac to express your personality

News - iOS If you are new to Mac, it may be difficult to understand how the macOS file system is organized and what a Home folder on Mac is. In this article, we will explain the Mac folder structure in detail: what files the Home folder stores, how to rename the Home folder, and give you some tips on how to make your experience with Mac easy and enjoyable. The Mac Home folder is displayed by the home icon in the Finder. You can see it in the left panel.

Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

This folder has the same name as your Mac user account. Read on to learn how to do it. By default, the Home folder is a folder where all your files are stored: documents, music, movies, pictures, downloads, cloud storages and so on.

Every Mac user has his own Home folder. Actually, Mac OS X was designed to support the ability to share a computer, so that different family members, students, or employees can work on the same Mac using their personal user accounts. Thus, when a user turns the Mac on, he finds his own Home folder and can access only his own files, unless another user shares a folder with him. Here in Home folder, you will also find the following folders:.

We recommend that you do not scatter your files on your Mac, which makes life more complicated. Of course you can use Spotlight to find files; however, in this case, your hard drive will need more time to index each file and find it.

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As we have mentioned before, your Home folder has the same name as your user account. However, it is possible to change its name. One of the reasons why you may need it is to correct any misprint or create a new name for a new Mac user. But, please make sure, before following our guide, that you have made a backup copy of all your data.

So here are the steps to rename your Home folder:. Make sure you entered the new name correctly, and click the OK button. MacOS will require your confirmation and password. After making this change, you will not be able to go a step backward. Make sure you entered the old and new folder names correctly, and press Enter. MacOS will ask you to enter a password from the Admin account.

Type it and again press Enter. This command will move all folders from the old location to the new one. Another way to create a new folder is to use the context menu and click New Folder. By the way, you can change Mac folder icons. Read our previous article on how to change them. If you need to create an archive file for your folder, make a right click on it and select Compress. The system will create a zip folder in the same directory. You can use the context menu and select Rename or just press Enter on the required folder.

You may need to create a private folder on your Mac to hide it from prying eyes. There are several ways to hide files and folders on Mac. The simplest one is to use a free application Funter , designed especially to show or hide files on Mac. Funter integrates with the Finder so that all you need to hide a folder is to click Hide with Funter in the context menu.

It often happens that Mac users download, create and copy many identical files.