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The is also a macro-enabled workbook for you to download further down in this post. It seems that if you close the workbook and then open it again the print preview lines disappear, however, this is in my opinion not recommended. If you are familiar with the Immediate window in the Visual Basic Editor you can probably more quickly delete the print preview lines than through Excel Options.

Use a linebreak in Excel on Mac

If you often disable print preview lines manually why not build a macro that does it for you? It is not hard, simply copy the macro and paste it to your workbook module. If you want to use it any workbook you open, put it in a personal macro workbook and link it to the Quick Access Toolbar or the ribbon. In fact, you can save useful macros in your personal macro workbook and become a lot more efficient in your work.

What happens if we record a macro while disabling "Page Breaks" in Excel options?

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This is what the macro recorder returns:. Using that code you can now show or hide "Page Breaks" on the active sheet with a macro. Meaning, if "Page Breaks" are visible this macro hides them. Add your personal Excel Macros to the ribbon. Toggle Page Break printer lines. How to use absolute and relative references. What is a reference in Excel? How to quickly select a non contiguous range. A non-contiguous list is a list with occasional blank cells and that makes it harder to select the entire cell […].

How Do I Insert a Page Break In Numbers?

How to find errors in a worksheet. Excel has great built-in features. The following one lets you search an entire worksheet for formulas that return an error. How to select cells with data. The picture above shows data in column B, some cells contain nothing, they are blank. I will now go through […]. Create a Print button [VBA]. This article describes how to create a button and place it on an Excel worksheet then assign a macro to […].

Print screen the entire worksheet. I recently discovered something quite useful.

Controlling Page Breaks in Excel

Allow me to explain, sometimes you need to take a screenshot of your worksheet […]. Repeat headers on every page you print. By default, Excel displays gridlines, faint lines that define the borders around individual or merged cells. While these are no longer displayed as dotted lines, removing these is often necessary when you want to eliminate the spreadsheet look from your data. Gridlines are often confused with cell borders, but gridlines affect an entire spreadsheet while borders are customizable for each cell.

By default, gridlines don't appear on printed spreadsheets, while cell borders do.

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To remove gridlines, simply select the View tab at the top of the screen and click to remove the check mark in the Gridlines box in the Show section of the ribbon. It's common to format individual cells, merged cells or groups of cells for a better printed appearance. One formatting technique involves adding borders.

Selecting the Home tab at the top of the screen reveals the Font section on the ribbon. Clicking the Borders drop-down button gives you an extensive list of border options for the currently selected cell or range of cells. If your current borders are dotted lines, you can turn off borders or select a style other than dotted lines for the cell borders.

An Excel page break problem can also create unexpected dotted lines. When you print, page breaks appear automatically where content on a sheet "breaks" or continues to the next page.

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In normal view, they appear as dashed horizontal and vertical lines; in page layout view, they appear as empty spaces between the pages. You can adjust where automatic page breaks occur and add your own page breaks manually. You can also remove manual page breaks, but you cannot remove automatic page breaks.

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However, you can adjust column widths or margins, or scale the sheet size to fit the content on fewer pages. On the status bar, click the Page Break Preview button.

Create or Delete a Custom Shortcut in Word

Or, click the View tab, then click the Page Break Preview button. On the View menu, click Page Break Preview. Rest the pointer on the page break line until the pointer changes to a , and then drag the page break line to a new location. Manual page breaks are not adjusted automatically. After you open the Print dialog box, dashed lines appear on your sheet that indicate where pages will break.