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Uses Wind Style to carry out attacks, adept at causing heavy wind attribute damage to multiple enemy bodies. Particularly adept at carrying out Chakra operations. Uses Earth Style to fight unenhanced attacks and to protect his friends; close-combat expert. Create Account Login.

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Login Create Account. Remember Account. Almost a year I'm sure but there are a few tweaks I wish I could see, especially after these new updates. The new rank S missions for ramen are cool, I love the idea but cost wise it doesn't make sense Let me explain, so currently it cost 50 stamina to do 1 S rank mission. Which in total is 9, 3 star ramen if you divide up the 4 star ramen, but in the A rank mission. Which cost 20 stamina, you get 4, 3 star ramen which if you do the mission twice adds up to 8 in total and 40 stamina cost.

NARUTO | BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

So is 1 extra 3 star ramen really worth that 10 stamina in difference? Otherwise it's an amazing game!!! This game is a very fun game and has very smooth graphics for being an iOS game.

There are constantly updates every week to the game and is just a great iOS game in general. A must have.

I will say however that it can be very frustrating having to get shafted when doing multis, and people are complaining about pearls. Bandai has been so generous and has been making pearls so much easier to grind nowadays than back then.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

If you guys really cared you could get pearls a month for each blazing fest banner see mystic watches video if you know what I'm talking about Also I can understand though why ninja world clash is a place for whales to have fun and it makes it a bit more difficult for F2P players. They should probably create maybe 2 modes: 1 where abilities are not a thing and the ever so dodge system is removed because of how stupid it is.

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The other mode what it currently is. I think it would balance it out but remember that this is the 2nd time NWC has been released and I'm sure they have more plans and balance changes for the future. Other than that, a fantastic game which I have been play for a year now and still can't get enough of it. So I am a huge Naruto addict, and finding this just made it more fun. Having watched all of the anime, the story mode is super fun to play.

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When you want to do a mission with one of your friends, you send them a note inviting them to the mission. Only problem is that other people can join while your waiting for your friend, so if you could add a mode where you can have a private server so you can play with your friends, that would be great. I personally think that all the elements for these missions should be available, instead of just 2 or 3 of each.

It would help if you did a few more summons. This is kind of just an idea you could add, not really a complaint. The free once daily summon is awesome, but I think that it can be better. Just a suggestion.

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