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The search capability is not as strong as something like Evernote, which will find text inside of images. Yet it will find text anywhere in your notess, highlighting the words inside them so they pop out on the screen for easy viewing. While the design and connection to iCloud are great, Notability has a few bugs that need to be squished. One weird quirk is when it's in full screen mode.

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When swiping to Notablity from another app the screen hesitates for a moment and then skips over to the desktop. I found I needed to take it out of full-screen mode for a more stable experience. Also, when minimizing Notability to the Dock the preview image disappeared, leaving only the icon. It was more of a nuisance than a usability issue, but was still rather odd.

What Makes a Great Note Taking App for iPad and iPhone?

A possible cause could be that Notability is coded for the future, as the familiar three buttons feature the translucent look of OS X Yosemite. However, Ginger Labs has a good track record with its iOS version and is likely to get those resolved. So if you have been using it considerably on mobile, it makes sense to make the leap and get the desktop version. The Mac version is a no-brainer if you're invested in Notability on iOS.

Derek Walter is a freelance technology writer based in Northern California. Amazon is selling some iPad Pro models for the lowest prices ever. Grab highly rated Bluetooth speakers for cheap in Amazon's one-day Prime Anker's popular, already affordable car chargers and dash cams are even Both flagged and archived notes appear in separate sections for easy perusal. You can search for your notes as you would in any other app, or use Drafts' system of filters for applying multiple tags to a search query.

The real magic of Drafts is what happens to your notes once you've written them. Tap on the Drafts icon in the top-right corner of the screen to see a list of one-tap actions you can perform with your note. These include sending the text to the Messages app, launching a new Mail draft with your text ready to send, or saving your text to Files as a separate file. This doesn't take place via the usual iOS share sheet, but instead instantly sends your text to the app of your choosing.

These actions are varied. You can use Drafts to search Google, create a new Reminder, save to third-party cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox, compose a Tweet, or create a task in third-party apps like Things and OmniFocus. Not only is Drafts a note taking app on its own, but it's also an extension that plays nicely with some of the other big players like OneNote and Evernote.

Take Drafts to the next level with a Pro subscription that allows you to create and edit your own actions, unlock custom icons and themes, use additional widgets and share extensions, and more. Zoho Notebook is another free note taking platform that strikes a great balance between ease of use and functionality.

It's the perfect alternative to Apple Notes for users who don't solely reside within the Apple ecosystem. There are Zoho Notebook apps also available for Android, Mac, and Windows platforms, and they're all free to use. Zoho takes a card-based approach to note capture. Every note you take is a card, with different cards used for different types of content. There are cards for rich text notes, checklists, audio recordings, photos and images, sketches, and files like PDFs.

By composing a new text card, you can mix any number of these different elements in a single card. Notebooks with customizable cover images are used to store your cards. It's also possible to deploy tags anywhere within a note by typing a hashtag, then tapping on the tag box that appears. Individual notes can be color-coded using one of 14 pre-selected colors or a color wheel. These colors make it easy to differentiate different note types, provided you pick a system and stick to it. Use the camera feature to take photos directly into notes, or scan documents and business cards for safe keeping.

You can also use your fingers or a stylus to sketch or handwrite notes, but unfortunately, your handwriting isn't searchable. Syncing is fast and invisible.

Notability: My New Favorite Mac App for Taking Notes

You'll need a Zoho account in order to use the app at all, which is how the Notebook handles syncing with other instances of the app. The whole platform is free, with no restrictions on the number of devices you can sync and no upload quotas. Notability is a complete note taking app with support for both typing your notes and writing them out by hand. The app is probably best for iPad Pro users with a Pencil since the inking technology has been optimized for use with Apple's stylus.

But it's still easy to take handwritten notes on an iPhone or regular iPad, with or without a stylus. The app supports simple text input with bullet points and checkboxes for creating lists or to-dos. Tap the input method icon at the top of a note to choose from handwriting, highlighting, an eraser, or a lasso tool. You can also tap on the camera icon to add images from your camera or Photos library. On an iPad Pro, you can use the Apple Pencil to draw and write directly on the page.

On an iPhone, an assistant in the lower-right corner of the screen allows you to enter handwriting with your finger. The assistant will scroll the page for you, allowing you to enter small and neat handwriting.

Note the way you want

In reality, it's a slow process, so Notability's handwriting prowess is best reserved for iPad users with a stylus. In addition to recording text and handwritten notes, Notability also includes the ability to record audio. This is perfect for use in lectures or business meetings since you can use a feature called Note Replay to play back both the audio and the ink recordings in time with each other.

Notability's strengths

When you replay an audio recording and enable Note Replay, your notes and drawings will appear just like they did when you initially made them. Notability's superior inking abilities are put to further use in its capacity as a PDF markup tool. Organization takes place by way of dividers folders and subjects subfolders. And you can search the entire contents of your notes—including handwriting—from the search bar. You can even convert your handwriting to text by selecting it with the lasso tool, tapping it, and choosing Convert to Text you'll get a preview first too —and it works surprisingly well.

Sync is performed over iCloud with other instances of Notability, including the separately-sold Mac app. Notability is a powerhouse of the note taking world, with excellent handwriting conversion and business-class markup features, at a sensible price point. Just like Notability, it has excellent inking features, a range of pens, pencils, and highlighters to choose from, and a library of paper styles and templates.

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For this reason, Noteshelf 2 might be the better choice for someone already working with Evernote who wants a superior digital inking experience—provided you don't need OCR. Paper by Dropbox isn't the most feature-rich note taking app available. It supports rich text capture with the usual bullet point, checkbox, and text formatting options you need to author quick notes, to-dos, and lists.

You can insert images directly from your camera or Photos app, but you can't record audio or create handwritten notes. What makes Dropbox Paper so special are its collaboration features. Dropbox Paper allows you to invite other people to collaborate on notes with you: Tap your user icon at the top of a note, and type in email addresses to add users to a note. Once invited, users can edit notes and leave comments by highlighting an element and tapping the New Comment box at the bottom of the screen.

Notes or Docs, as Dropbox Paper refers to them are organized into folders. Folders can be shared with collaborators just like notes can, providing quick access to an entire folder's worth of notes in a few taps. You can star documents, which then appear in their own Starred tab for quick access. The Notifications tab should also bring you up to speed with any changes made to your notes recently.

5 Reasons OneNote is Better than Notability - iPad Pro Note taking (2019)

There are a few other nice features that make Paper perfect for team use. Mention someone by their username to draw their attention to the current note. Use templates to quickly take meeting notes, plan a project, or hold a brainstorming session. Despite the collaborative and web-based nature of Dropbox Paper and the cloud storage platform it's built upon, Paper works well offline too.

All of your docs are downloaded and stored locally, with changes pushed to the server when you get back online. Dropbox Paper is free, though you'll need a Dropbox account in order to use it. Everyone who signs up for a free Dropbox Basic plan gets 2GB of storage for free. Quip also offers a collaborative note taking experience from the team that brought you Salesforce. Unlike the desktop version, Salesforce integration doesn't seem to feature in the iOS version. Instead, you get a platform on which to create and share documents, spreadsheets, and chat channels.

You can incorporate aspects of your spreadsheets into your documents, organize everything into shared or private folders, and mention your teammates to draw attention. One of the best features of the app is its ability to auto back all your notes. You can choose whether you want to auto-backup your notes to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, etc. You can also add PDFs into your notes and annotate it.

On iPad, Notability also supports split view feature. So, you can do two things while you write your notes. Best for those who like to take notes while reading something on their iPad. Overall, we liked this app and it is currently one of the best note-taking apps you can get in the App Store.

It is limited to Mac and iOS. Apart from that everything looks fantastic. If you are looking for a note-taking app then do me a favor and give it a try. You will love it. And the best part, you pay one time unlike Evernote which charges monthly for additional features. Download Notability for iOS. Download Notability for Mac.

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