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This issue also applys to other programs I try to install with. Not all since I was able to install Classilla which is a. I think the titles are self explanatory and in chronological order. The question is: What OS are you trying to run Toast on? That will dictate what version you want to install and what version you can update to. A lot depends on what OS you are running and if you are using a real machine or an emulator.

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An actual install of 5. However if you have a working 5. What updater you need depends on what version you are currently at and where are you trying to get to. As you can see there are about 10 different versions of Toast 5 5. In addition some versions were available on CD while others were only upgrades for example 5. I believe that Jam was originally an add on and not part of any install hence the separate Jam installer. The downloads are roughly in chronological order and I had hoped the file names would be self-explanatory. The first file is Toast 5.

Downloads that have "CD" in the name are actual install CDs. Files that just say "updater" are all the updates for that particular major version of Toast. Files that just say "app" or "installer" are just the Application installer. But that requires 9. So I've also included a pre-built 5. Copy this folder to 8. So the questions are: What OS are you running?

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What platform? What version of Toast do you want to run? If you are running 9. Could someone please add a download list with a description of each file?

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  4. This is just a horrible mess! There is also a serial number in the image of the back of the Toast box. I believe that may be the correct number for 5. One way is to use an OS 9 Machine, start from the beginning and use the serializer. Then do the upgrades until you get to 5.

    Have you tried just downloading the next to last file?

    Convert TOAST to ISO in MAC OS X (Tiger, Leopard, Snow ...

    The 5. Either that or the fourth file from the bottom.

    The CD image of 5. Since you are already on OSX all you should need is the 5. I am running I receive an error message on all down loads but for one. I was able to down load and install but with click through error messages 5. But it asked for a serial number. None posted would work. I don't understand what all the different sit files are. This can be accomplished via the following process: Download the Toast 6. Control-click on the Toast 6. Drew writes: "I updated to Tiger System freezes occurring w Problems creating disk ima Kernel panics when copying Live spell-checking proble Loss of AirPort connectivi Problems with Mac OS 9 sys Problems mounting disk ima Release Notes, difference Safari 2.

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