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If you opened the file with PowerPoint or Keynote, the slide show closes and shows you a list of slides in the applicable program. You can use this view to make any necessary changes to the slides.

Which versions of PowerPoint are supported?

This changes your slide show into a file the opens in the edit view by default. Press the "Enter" key and select "Use. As a professional writer, she has written for Education. Martin contributed English translations for a collection of Japanese poems by Misuzu Kaneko. She has worked as an educator in Japan, and she runs a private voice studio out of her home.

She writes about education, music and travel. From what I see, the answer is NO, but sometimes I miss things. I have OS Thanks a lot. Lorna in Southern California. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Or is it the opposite?

Mac support

Lorna, I'm assuming that this path will lead you to success. View answer in context. Loading page content. Try this java-application Looks promising!

Mac OS X Powerpoint Emulator/Simulator

Let me know how it goes! Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Then, how do I see the PP presentation? What series of clicks? Remember that I only just learned howt to "open things up" in Text Edit!

User profile for user: Tom Gewecke Tom Gewecke. Edit out. I discovered which one to download. If you give presentations away from your own office, have a look at Autorun Presenter by Udo Schreiber , which lets you install your presentation and the PowerPoint Viewer files on a USB "pen drive" and run directly from it using the computer's copy of PowerPoint if present or the USB drive's copy of the Viewer if not.

If you have one of these versions of Windows, you won't be able to install the PowerPoint Viewer. If you need the PowerPoint 97 viewer, try searching for it on Google. We found several download sites by searching on.

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If we find an easier alternative, we'll post it here. If you don't mind viewing presentations online, try Google Docs. Start here.

PowerPoint 98 Viewer for Macintosh (Mac) - Download

Here are some more detailed notes about the capabilities and system requirements of some of the free PowerPoint Viewers. There are some viewer features that the viewer no longer supports or perhaps these features are just undocumented so far :. The PowerPoint viewer supports a different set of command line switches than the older PowerPoint 97 viewer did. The playlist file is simply a list of presentation filenames preceded by path as needed. PowerPoint plays these files in the order given in the file.

Read, copy, or print documents online even if you don't own the suite

You can't use command line switches within the playlist. PowerPoint Viewer 97 is no longer available from Microsoft but you may be able to find a download on the web.

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To run the Viewer in Panther, you'll need to get OS 9. Unfortunately, if you have a computer that does not support the Classic environment such as an Intel-based Mac , there is no PowerPoint Viewer you can use in the Mac OS.