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Additionally, subfolders are not comprised when creating Entourage file and the procedure is performed for a parent folder. By the above described information, you can easily import messages, addresses, rules, signatures, and accounts from other Apple Macintosh messages, and personal information management PIM software in Entourage. Moreover, Macworld specifies that Windows Outlook emails can be transferred to Apple Mail or Entourage using Mozilla Thunderbird as an in-between agent.

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Thunderbird on Windows is utilized to import the mail from Outlook. Then the converted mail file is moved from Windows Thunderbird directory to the Mac and import feature is used on Mac Mail or Entourage. However, email attachments could be lost during the conversion to Thunderbird. Download Safe download. Evaluate the free demo.

Use the following scenario to understand more clearly about Entrourage database. It has a severe issue that it stores all your essential documents in a particular single database file.

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This database file if it get corrupted means rebuilding, which can take the better part of the day if effective. If not, you will lost all your contacts, e-mail, and calendar entries in Microsoft Entourage. I've came to a point in using Entourage where this was occurred, and no attempt was made to restore it from the original document. In order to transfer your data from Entourage, the following steps are essential. Commercial third-party software is available to facilitate the backup of Entourage database perfectly without any loss of data.

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Conclusion In the above article I have discussed about how user can take a backup and view Entourage data in another email application file format. Moreover, given brief introduction about Entourage email application and its features. Home Free Tools Articles Support.

Use the below steps to create the backup of a Entourage message folder: Resize the Entourage program window so that you can see the desktop of Apple Macintosh Click the desired folder, you want to archive in the Entourage Folder List pane. Drag the folder on your desktop. A file gets created with the same name as the folder from which it was created Note: You must create separate operation for each folder on which you want to save Entourage file.

Importing and Restoring Messages from Entourage To open or read Entourage database folders, apply one method from the following methods: When Entourage is running double-click on MBOX file, and click on Import in the Confirmation dialog box. Search Microsoft KBs. Site Navigation. More Info on updates. The terms Database and Identity are frequently used interchangeably.

The Users folder resides at the root level of the startup disk and contains the home folders for all user accounts on the computer. Inside this folder is your Identity named Main by default. All of your mail, contacts, etc are stored here.

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Note: It is a very bad idea to use the rebuild functionality when it is not needed. If you need space on your disk or you want to get the file into contiguous space on your disk, go ahead and use compact. Only use rebuild if your file is damaged. Rules, mailing lists, signatures, messages, address book, schedules, contacts, tasks, notes, calendar are located in a database:.

If you move this folder , Entourage will not know where your mail is located and will open with a new default identity that will be blank. To find a missing Identity folder see Tip 9. Most likely you have accidentally moved your data. Hopefully, you have not deleted the file.

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If you have deleted the trash, it's gone. Entourage expects the folder to be in your Documents folder. If you have not used a new identity in Entourage, then copy the entire Microsoft User Data folder to the correct location. Move the entire identity folder you want to use to the Office Identities folder that Entourage is recognizing. Your identity is named "Main" by default. Be sure to rename one so you do not overwrite. Your identity folder can contain more than one identity.

Switch Identities to view your old mail. If you have not used the new identity, delete it. If you have used it and want to combine the new mail with your original database, drag each folder to the desktop from one identity. This creates an MBOX file. Switch identities.

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If an anti-virus program has detected a virus stored in the database probably in an infected email it can quarantine the database, hiding it from the system. Check any AV products you are running and, if necessary, exclude the Microsoft User Data folder from their scans. Select Switch Identities under Entourage in the menu bar. This will allow you to rename. Main is the default name given. You can also rename in the Finder.

Like a lot of Macintosh applications, Entourage uses a database to organize information for quick retrieval. Using a single file as a database keeps your data organized in a single, easy-to-find location.