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A feature built into the Darwin kernel called "Hot-File-Adaptive-Clustering" helps keep fragmentation low, automatically.

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In the case that fragmentation is more serious, there is a third party tool called iDefrag that can do the job instead. Or, you can simply wipe the disk and reinstall. How much it helps, I'm not sure. It's sort of like Disk Warrior's optimization. Not sure if it's compatible with 3. I still use Disk Warrior on my eMac that has that. How can I defragment my Mac OS Probably not.

These drives use a TRIM utility to defrag the drive automatically.

Defragging Mac OS X hard drive

SSDs come with pre-allocated space for storage management. Disk Defragmentation on Windows Disk defragmentation tool shipped with Windows 10 can analyze the disk for fragmentation. It also suggests whether a defragmentation is required at all. Here are the steps to follow to defragment a drive on Windows Go to the drive on which the operating system is installed. Select properties under Drive Tools tab on the top. Select the Tool tab on the dialogue box that appears.

Under Error-Checking, click Check to verify there are not errors on the disk. In Optimize Drive box, click Analyze. System will start analyzing the selected Drive for fragments. If the drive does not require any fragmentation the system will say so. It will also display the percentage of fragmentation affecting the system.

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Once fragmentation is determined, click Optimize to start the defragmentation process. The process may take quite some time depending on the degree of fragmentation. The system should not be used while defragmentation process runs for efficient working of the process. Defragmentation on OS X Yosemite. As explained earlier in this article, a Mac systems has an HFAC built-in process to clean the fragments, it requires a defragmentation at very less intervals.

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I'm not entirely sure how boot camp partitions drives, whether it is in contiguous blocks or not, so this may work all the time, or perhaps not. David Iwanicki. Using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper to clone the drive out and back is actually the best choice - faster, more efficient, and free. OS X maintains proper fragmentation levels on the boot volume all on its own. Defragmentation is widely recommended for external volumes used for video data storage - you want large continuous block of free space in order to prevent dropped frames.

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The question is, does OS X need a defragmenter. Mac OS9 did. I would say it can help if you have many large files video etc. I have tried iDefrag with good experience. But did I notice anything else than prettier defragement graphic bars? Not really, or someone else may have different experience.

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I have found that Onyx is an excellent app for keeping my Macs in top shape. It's also free, which helps. There are many little tweaks in there that will get your system running as well as it can. Hope it helps. I ran into the same situation before myself - Bootcamp needs enough contiguous free space in order to partition the drive - I used idefrag, it worked well. I am using Fusion to run Windows as a virtual machine. This may be one option for you - instead of buying a defrag program, buy VMware fusion.

If you don't like it you can still go back to your original idea. If you want to defrag the drive and the cloning is not the thing that you want, then in that case you need to use any of the drive defrag software as it might be the case that defrag not let you defrag the files those are more than 20KB of size, while you are editing videos or images most of the file get a lot of space and these all files are out of Mac utility scope.

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