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Their stability depends on them being a closed system. Not so with Kodi, which can be a TV box, a movie box or a streaming audio and video player. Go here to get the latest version of the Kodi software.

How to Set a Picture as Desktop Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion - dummies

Installing the software is a routine matter of downloading the appropriate DMG disk image and dropping the icon into the Applications directory. Whether you download the 64bit or 32bit version is up to you, but if your processor is Core 2 Duo and up, you should probably go for the bit version. Once installed, you can run the program and then using the cursor keys to navigate. Macs used to ship with these little model A remotes,. The newer remotes which look more like this. On the newer remote, the Play button is underneath the navigation buttons. Left and right slides through the menus, and up and down drills down to the submenus below.

You can skin the interface with a large number of interface add-ons right out of the box. A favorite is the Metropolis skin which gives a nice retro feel to the interface. The best part of viewing content with Kodi is that when you pause, it gives you all kind of info about the file, the time, and how long it will be before you finish watching the current file if you start again. Keep the standard Confluence skin for those occasions or change back to it while you configure Kodi , as this will match any screen shots for the tutorials.

To start, you may want to check out these useful add-ons to replace your cable TV.

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  4. About the box.

AirPort Express AE is a wireless router that you can connect your sound system or speakers to. It has a 3. You can place it somewhere in your house where your sound system does not reach. The downside is that you must have some sort of computer in order to control the music. AirFoil removes the restriction to only stream audio from iTunes. With it you can stream anything from your computer to the AE. There are similar options from other manufacturers, for example the Logitech Squeezebox and Roku SoundBridge.

ATV retrieves and plays media from your iTunes library on another computer. Look here to see what can be done. Good value for the money though, since they only cost a few USD. Speech recognition. Then as now, it was mainly English commands that worked and if you wanted to speak any other languages to your Mac, you had to write phonetic transcriptions of your commands. I believe this still is the case, so I advice you to only speak English to your Mac. What you need is a microphone an amplified one, or for example an iMic and then all you have to do is begin adding executable commands in the System Settings.

Setting up on the Mac

A remote control. The most time consuming component.

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  • I chose the latter and it feels completely right today. With its small touch screen and the ability to create virtual buttons that you can name, it feels like a much better choice. Although I usually learn applications quite easy, this one was difficult. However, it is very competent once you grip the way it works, which everyone can do with a little guidance.

    How to Set a Picture as Desktop Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion

    This is key. To put it simply: the devices carry the buttons functions you pick from when you compose the activities. Under the Devices tab you surprisingly configure the devices you want to control with the remote e. TV, DVD, sound system, computer. The setup of the devices is pretty straightforward. After the configuration, each device becomes accessible under the Devices tab on the touch-screen of the remote control.

    Thereafter, simply sync the Harmony remote with the setup software. There are an almost infinite number of button schemes available for download from Logitech. When you have configured the Devices and fine-tuned their buttons, you can move on to the Activities tab. There you can create an orchestra of individual Devices, playing together through separate buttons and macros calling many functions in a row.

    It also activates the right button scheme in the remote, e. Under the Devices tab in the remote control, you can only control one device at a time; under Activities, you can link different devices to all buttons. For example, you can have the volume button control the stereo, the navigation cross can control the computer and the numerical buttons can control the TV. You can e. The only advantage of using the wizard is that each activity gets a nice, suitable icon on the remote control screen.

    For TV channels though, there is a plethora of icons available to decorate your TV activities. Activities No.

    Welcome Image and Text

    Fortunately, it is possible to use multiple Apple Remotes together with a single Mac. By having the Harmony remote emulate a certain number of Apple Remotes with different IDs , where the total number of buttons matches the Harmony remotes, you can make the Harmony send different commands through different buttons. Does is sound difficult? Fortunately, there are people who already have done the heavy work for us.

    The button scheme emulates 10 Apple Remotes. With it you get 58 configurable Apple Remote buttons to map onto your Harmony remote. The reason for this is that the setting primarily was intended for the media centre software Plex, that has Harmony support built-in. If you — like me — have a TV, a stereo and a Mac in your media centre solution, these components are all the devices you need to configure for your remote control.

    Start off by configuring the devices , then the activities. After some research I concluded that Remote Buddy probably was the best piece of software to control the Mac using an IR remote control. Remote Buddy costs about 20 USD and is required if you want to control the Mac with the remote, at least in any greater sense. There are other, cheaper solutions, but with less functionality, like Sofa Control , iRed Lite and Mira. Without RB, your remote will just send assorted Apple Remote commands and not perform the expected behaviour of the Harmony remote buttons.

    is a $25 Mac Mini Usable in 2018?

    It is RB that interprets the IR-commands, sent from e. Then this must be configured in RB. Although it is possible to make one global setting for the remote in RB where the same commands are executed in every application , the result will probably not be satisfying. Personally I only use global commands on the things I want globally accessible , e. Each button can be pressed a few seconds and thereby send a different command than the standard. You do this under the Behaviours menu. These commands will then be selectable from within the Mapping tab.

    To make it easy for you to match the Harmony remote buttons to the RB actions, you can download my button scheme in Word format. Elgato has a variety of TV sticks. It is also said Elgato sticks require a generally higher antenna signal than others to work well. I have not encountered such problems since I have cable TV. I have subsequently come to the conclusion that analogue radio perhaps was not a necessary feature, since the majority of radio stations today broadcast live via the Internet.

    However, it is always a useful feature if you want to timer record a radio program. The EyeTV package also includes a lead-in video cable composite and s-video so you, for example, can connect a video game console or a digital TV box which, together with the Harmony remote works great. The advantage of a digital TV box is that you avoid the cost of buying a CI module needed to watch the pay channels probably you also avoid the hassle of getting the CI module to work.

    Theoretically you should be able to use it as a substitute IR receiver together with older Macs that are not equipped with a built-in IR receiver. Having the stick lying in front of the computer works, if you have a sufficiently long USB cord — but it is hardly aesthetically pleasing. The software that comes with Elgato TV sticks is very competent, although I think it offers too few settings. Timer recording works great, even with the computer asleep. Oh, and did I mention it'll be upgradable?

    Once everything from the microprocessing brain to the hard drive to the case arrived in the mail, I spent two days assembling my new computer. Imagine putting together an intricate Lego set , only this is a computer with screws, sharp edges, electricity and expensive parts you can inadvertently break if you touch them the wrong way. Look inside my Hackintosh and you see a lot of cords and fans.

    Mac OS X Lion For Dummies

    It's not as sleek as a typical Mac. Looking at my new machine, one downside was glaring. That svelte design Apple's known for? The black box I have now is 8. But it seems ginormous compared to the Mac Mini's 1. It even takes up more room than the Mac Pro's 9. When my wife first looked at the machine, she gave me the side-eye, "Where's it gonna go?

    What I didn't expect was that even with parts the Hackintosh community said would work with MacOS, it still took hours to get my new machine up and running. I had to reach deep into the code of the computer and learn how the software makes video appear on the screen and how it moves audio to a speaker. I had to learn about software that makes USB thumb-drives work.

    It was kind of a nightmare. At one point, I cursed my days-earlier self for being too ambitious, too foolhardy and too naive to think this would mostly just work. In the end, it took about 50 hours to get everything working, and another few to load all those apps I couldn't live without back onto the computer. There are still some odds and ends that make this less-than-ideal: My Hackintosh works better using the year-old MacOS version That means I don't get the new features that came out this year in MacOS But I can live without all that.

    It's good that Apple offers software updates for free, but Tonymacx86 said Apple could help the community further if it offered its code to the public, a practice known as open-source. Apple does publish some of its code, but not all. And remember, Apple makes its money by selling the computers I shunned.

    So, the company's not exactly inclined to help. An Apple spokesman didn't respond to a request for comment. One thing that'll bug me is that I'll have to be much more careful treading around MacOS these days. I can't just automatically download and install the latest upgrade, or even a regular security update. I have to check first with the Hackintosh community to see if it'll upset the various programs they created to make all this stuff work.

    As to where I physically store my new computer, we're still figuring that out.