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How the Mac Mini Works

The reliance on Thunderbolt 3 is very Apple. Thunderbolt 3 remains the connection of premium devices, so four such ports on an affordable desktop is strange. Unlike MacBooks , the Mac Mini places Thunderbolt 3 alongside a reasonable selection of alternatives. Most Mac Mini devices will be paired with only a small handful of peripherals, so the connectivity here is more than adequate. Most small desktops are hard to upgrade, but some make limited upgrades easier. If you want a desktop that you can improve in the future, consider a proper tower PC like the Dell Inspirion The Core i5 and i7 processors not only have more cores six, up from four but also a higher thermal design power.

Put another way, the chips are designed with heavier power consumption in mind, and that translates to much better performance in all scenarios. It fared well in our tests. Geekbench 4 shows a multi-core score of 20, In fact, the Mac Mini trades blows with desktops that pack the Core i Here, too, the results are favorable for the Core i5 model.

What about the Core i7 model? No discrete graphics option is available. Dropping to 1, x helped, but the game looked like a PlayStation 3 launch title. Civilization VI is another game we frequently test, and it was hopeless. We saw an average of 9 frames per second even at p and medium detail. Many similarly priced desktops come with a discrete graphics card either standard or as an option.

That makes it the go-to for budget buyers. Many people will choose it not because they want the Mac Mini specifically, but because they want MacOS.

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If you prefer it, go for it. Learning a new operating system is a hassle.

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The Mac Mini we tested, with a Core i5 processor, is a simple, intuitive desktop that will satisfy owners for years. However, their design and features aim the NUC line at hardware geeks. These too are aimed at enthusiasts, not everyday people who just want a computer that works.

Mini desktops

Availability can be spotty for these brands, too. For most people, the real question is this. Do you need a desktop this small? If you do, the Mac Mini is a good bet.

Using Your Mac In Your Home Theater

Modern desktops often last at least five years, and we doubt the Mac Mini will be any different. The standard one-year warranty is nothing special, but the Apple Store offers a superior service experience should you have a problem. Previous Next. The Mac Mini is the best value in the entire Mac line. Highs Compact, simple design Very quiet Excellent processor performance Best-in-class hard drive performance. Lows Terrible game performance MacOS updates are lackluster.

DT Editors' Rating 8.

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The Mac mini includes a new innovation, Thunderbolt. This upgraded display port supports both video and data connections and is capable of transferring data at 10 gigabits per second [source: Apple ]. One possible downside to the Mac mini is its lack of an optical drive, a cut that might be a deal- breaker for people who frequently use their computers to read CDs or DVDs.

Although this move cuts down on Apple's costs in production, and CDs and DVDs might soon become the next floppy disk replaced by streaming data , the lack of a CD drive may isolate customers who primarily want to use the Mac mini as a part of a media center. How the iMac Works. How the Mac Pro Works. Related Articles " ".

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