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The top of the Mac Pro without its outer aluminum casing. Air sucked through the bottom of the computer flows through the Mac Pro and escapes through the ring of vents on top. Pick it up by its handle—the rim around the fan exhaust ring on top—and it feels heavy and solid. But thanks to its diminutive profile and attractive design, this is clearly meant to be a computer for your desk, rather than something you hide under your desk.

Apple Mac Pro: How Powerful Is It?

Each model also includes Apple offers a slew of configure-to-order CTO options for each. Neither model includes a display, keyboard, or any other input device. The new Mac Pro was available for order in the wee hours of the morning of December Apple told Macworld that the earliest orders were actually shipped out later that day, but by breakfast time here on the West Coast, shoppers were seeing shipping estimates of February When we review a new Mac, we prefer to review the base model s , and then we purchase one or more CTO models for benchmarking purposes. We published our first benchmarks of our review model , and the results were in some ways surprising: The eight-core Mac Pro was only 8 percent faster in our Speedmark 9 benchmark suite than a CTO iMac maxed out with a quad-core 3.

Results are scores. Higher results are better. Best score in bold. Reference models in italics. An Apple demonstration to Macworld staff was likewise striking, as it involved Final Cut Pro X displaying 16 different angles of 4K Multicam video simultaneously, while live-rendering 4K video with multiple, complex effects applied. Similarly, the user-run Final Cut Pro X site fcp. In one test, the site put a Red Raw 4K clip in a 4K project and added 18 effects; the clip rendered and played in real time without dropping frames.

The disparate results of our individual tests reflect my real-world experiences with the new Mac Pro. But when I started playing with filters on high-res video in Final Cut Pro X, and transcoding video using HandBrake, the new Mac Pro showed just how much more powerful it really is. For example, it took just over 12 minutes for HandBrake to convert a two-hour movie from a ripped.

On my 2. The utility showed write speeds of Behind this circuit board is the Mac Pro's processor, pressed tightly against the computer's thermal core a central heat sink and ventilation system. Thus, a 3. However, Turbo Boost is limited: The processor can ramp up its performance only as long as the CPU stays below particular temperature, power-consumption, and current-consumption limits. Combine these capabilities, and the Mac Pro can boost its processor cores for much longer periods. The result should be significantly better sustained maximum performance for the Mac Pro, even if, say, a 3.

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Add an external GPU, and enjoy better graphics for gaming, video editing, and much more. Needless to say, having Thunderbolt 3 on the Mac mini is a game-changer as far as expandability and versatility are concerned. Subscribe to 9to5Mac on YouTube today for more videos.

Whenever possible, I prefer to upgrade memory myself, because Apple charges a ridiculous amount of money for its RAM upgrades. If desired, you can build your Mac mini with up to 2TB of flash storage. In the end, you may be best off sticking with smaller storage configurations, and opting for external storage instead.

Review: Apple's new Mac Pro is a speed demon

The good news is that Thunderbolt 3 is the perfect way to add extra-fast solid-state storage to your Mac mini. Slowly but surely, Apple is updating its entire Mac lineup with its custom T2 security chip. Along with the security-related aspects, the T2 consolidates several controllers into a single piece of silicon. The Mac mini features the same chassis design as the previous generation, except it comes in a brand new anodized aluminum space gray color.

Apple has updated the Mac Pro with four-core Xeons. Ars pits the eight-core 3. …

If desired, all of these things can be upgraded sometime down the line. Considering that these are the two newest desktops that Apple sells, and the Mac mini has obvious Pro overtures, I thought it would make for an interesting comparison. The Geekbench 4 scores denote an 8, point difference between the two machines in multi-core, which is substantial, and will only rise as you configure the iMac Pro with higher core counts.

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And as expected, single core performs slightly better on the Core i7 inside the Mac mini, besting the Xeon by about points. Thankfully, the Mac mini is equipped with Thunderbolt 3, which allows you to bolt on a much more capable eGPU. There is an obvious difference between the two machines when looking at SSD performance.

Review: Apple's new Mac Pro is a speed demon | Computerworld

Higher storage configurations will likely provide noticeable speed improvements. That said, any Mac mini SSD configuration is more than fast enough for most workflows, and will handle 4K video editing without breaking much of a sweat. One of the things that I most appreciate about my iMac Pro is its virtual silence under load.