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Rangers improved 2nd offer for the Oldham defender thrown out! As ever there are attached add ons…. The reporter, whose never spoken to the lad, goes on to explain that Rangers are his preferred choice of club, really? Thousands of free tickets given away to locals yet the stadium still thousands below capacity. I doubt if they were actually trying to create a farcical situation that they could have done a better job.

Anyone who was around Celtic in his first tenure will tell of the drinking culture he espoused. I really worry that 9iar is in jeopardy never mind Irrespective of whether you wanted Lenny or a new guy altogether…. If Lawwell is to be believed…that no one else was ever going to be considered…then Lenny should have been made the offer weeks and weeks ago to stop all the bullshit that invariably had to follow. Not a hope….. Because the way that this has been handled…the support has once again been ignored and taken for mugs…and taken for granted.

I really am concerned about next season…There is no doubt that the Liverpool Gobshite has improved them considerably…. The bottom line is…Given our financial and overall superiority in Scotland …. Only our Board seems to have the ability to produce that. Dear oh dear oh dear. We need proper signings. Good signings. NOT loans. Nothing more, nothing less, just good business sense. Many Celtic followers are extremely naive. Names like Marco Rose had somehow circulated as possible replacement for BR. Certain clubs in the German Bundesliga have more assets than the entirety of Scottish football.

Mr Benitez earns between 5 and 7 million quid per annum.

Neil Finn and Mike Campbell work hard to replace the magic of Lindsey Buckingham

Celts could be the next Deadco if they start splashing money like that around. Enticing decent managers from the EFL will always be a huge challenge. There were many players involved over the last 3 years and they should all be proud to have taken part, moreso the players who were part of the Club for the full 3 years. Some of them though went out on loan, were not first choices for some periods, some were injured for parts of the season, and therefore did not play in all 9 trophies, the most recent of whom was Leigh Griffiths.

Assuming that if you do not play any games in a particular competition then you do not get a medal, then it reduces the number of players who won all 9 medals down to a measly 8 players by my reckoning. So I think we should give a special thank you to those players who were involved every step of the way. Phil; got a follow-up question to you on something you reported about in your post on May 15th. According to Peter Lawwell they did not speak to any other managers about the job, yet your sources said that they had interviewed several people about the position.

Just curious what is going on behind the scenes here and what is the real story. Did Lawwell believe he had someone else lined up and at the last minute they changed their mind or wanted different terms , requiring the pivot over to giving it to Lenny? Good question.. What would they have done had we lost in the final? All very odd really. In fact.. I see Mr Lawwell is already downsizing the scale of any spend in the coming weeks. I fully expect the net spend this summer to be an inward one.

If giving Mikael Lustig a further year or two is a barometer of business to come then my fear might just turn to terror. Neil is back he delivered on the job he was brought back to do, he loves Celtic, and let no one doubt that he will do his upmost to keep us where we belong, and he will do it. Has Lenny agreed to take the job yet…?? Yeah…in your dreams pal. Thing is…whether you agree with it or not…. Lenny is now the Manager and we need to accept it and move on. The two main areas needing addressed are new players and a change of playing style.

We all know that we have money spare…but spending it seems to be a cardinal sin. When will we learn..? No more of the slow boring pedantic build up…please. Over to you Celtic FC. Lawwel has three choices: 1 Spend big to win a league they have already won before kicking a ball or 2 Spend big to get nowhere in the Champions league as there are bigger and better teams there.

Or 3 Trundle along spending little and filling the coffers for the shareholders to make a profit. Choices one and two are pointless, Next season is already won and there is no way Celtic or any Scottish team will win the Champions league again in the near future. Looking back to when Tommy Burns left, Celtic have generally struggled to appoint managers. Win Jansen, nobody really knew and regardless of the final result, it was really tight and was almost lost.

Venglos, a late selection, Barnes and Dalglish should have been good, hopeless. Strahan an available choice. Mowbray, a great choice but utterly depressing. Lennon a good choice. Ronny, seemed good but lost his way. Brendan was available with not any EPL offers so saw us as a good opportunity to get noticed again.

Who could we get now realistically, Benitez was always stay EPL, just trying to get a better deal for himself and more transfer money. Mourinho, never. Who else could we get. Moyes — no way. Roy Keane — why. A European manager — could be a Le Guen. Phil, NL answered the call and we limped over the line but with the names being linked to the job and the way the board announced it on Saturday the timing could have been better.

NL is a true Celtic legend but the game has moved on from his management style and for every Van Dyke there was a Bangura. NL is our manager so we will back him to the hilt. Genuine supporters will get behind him. Also important to thank NL for stepping in amidst the upheavals last February. We are Triple-treble winners — Lenny knows and is respected by the squad — after three years of success it is obvious from our recent displays that a re-boot is required — PL is right, Neil can pick good players.

Our successful players will return from holiday secure in the knowledge of what they are coming back to and ready to repeat our success — they know how it is done. Love him to death because I know he does love our club. I just believed he has limitations as a manager. Now the problem becomes Lawwells estimation of the team and what direction it needs taken and how much spent on it. This team needs at least immediate signings, the kind that are immediate plug-play types.

Robbie Keane 3.

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Refusing Man United to speak with the King of Kings 4. BR appointment. I bet they think they can wing it with Lenny on everything BR built. Lenny it is then! Much as I wanted Marcus Rose or Rafa Benitez as manager I realise that was a big ask but it looks like the board did not even ask! That is why I am disappointed Neil has been offered the job. The board had the opportunity to cement ten in a row but again have sold the fans short preferring balance sheet over footballing ambition. Having made their decision they now have to back Neil with money for the quality additions we require to see us through next season.

Will they do that? I like many others somehow doubt it! If Neil accepts the job I wish him all the best and he goes on to further enhance his legend status. To take the job under the circumstances outlined above shows he is a Celtic man. I am not convinced by his record. Bolton and Hibs did not end well. Huge strategic, and tactical, decisions have to be made. Celtic have incorporated new training methods and sports science. We will see what Lennon does with these.

I am not hopeful. Under Rodgers Celtic won every game at Parkhead this season. Some of the football played at Parkhead was superb. Under Lennon, we never looked comfortable there. We could see our playing system deteriorate before our eyes. The final game against Rangers at Parkhead was a close run thing, however much we have denied that it was. Rangers could easily have drawn. Or won. The reason they did not was Callum McGregor. That was fitting because he is the best player in Scotland by some margin. When Tavernier gave that ball away on the half way line any other player in Scotland would have ran into the space.

Instead he passed the ball immediately with a beautiful fade from left to right. I am amazed that no English side wants him. Lennon needs to think. Who will work with Edouard up front? Will Rogic be back with a pre-season? WTF is wrong with Ntcham? And a dozen other things? Feeling it is not enough. Leicester spring to mind!! How about leading Bolton to relegation?

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How about being mutually let go with his previous team 8th in the SPL? Strange habit of selecting injured players and having to sub them, thereby reducing options to influence the game later. This directly led to us reduced to 10 men against Sevco. This feels like Ronny Deila all over again. Not for me, I want the best manager that we can afford. He was still smarting from his time at Liverpool, he was unemployed and in a state of limbo and along comes Celtic who he always had an affection for. He was available, and he also had it in his cunning mind that he could use Celtic to restore his credibility as a stepping stone back to the EPL.

All the pieces were in place for Brendan and he took the job at Celtic Park. Is it likely to happen that way again, the answer is no. So we are back again to reality and to who we can afford and more importantly who is prepared to do the job. Lenny is out on his own in the present circumstances, forget all the fancy names that were being touted by the press for a lot of fans got carried away and bought into these press fantasies. So again, our notebooks are doing really, really well.

Notebooks are by far and away our most popular systems used by pros. Second on the list is iMacs — used by pros, again by the people who use professional software day in, day out, not just casually. Third on the list is Mac Pro. The way we look at it is that there is an ecosystem here that is related. These are not distinct little silos. Is it single digit percentage of pros who use Mac Pros or of all Macs? So we see the largest use of portables, then iMac, then Mac Pro. These things are related.

Obviously, as you know, we just did a very major update to the MacBook Pro line. Big numbers, as I said, 20 percent growth year over year.

Fleetwood Mac - Say You Love Me (Karaoke)

Next up: we have plans on iMac, to move that line ahead, and do great things on iMac. We want to do things with the iMac in the future to help address those pro needs, and make it… not only continue, but more of a capable machine for pro customers. As part of doing a new Mac Pro — it is, by definition, a modular system — we will be doing a pro display as well. In the interim, we know there are a number of customers who continue to buy our current Mac Pro. To be clear, our current Mac Pro has met the needs of some of our customers, and we know clearly not all of our customers.

We can give you the specifics on that. The GPUs, down the line, to get more performance per dollar for customers who do need to continue to buy them on the interim until we get to a newly architected system. But it does not address the full range of customers we wanna reach with Mac Pro. We wanted to do something bold and different. Maybe John [Ternus] can talk briefly about some of the elements that led us there and what the implications are… but we have work to do to build a machine now that we know the full breadth of our pro market needs.

Where did you get the telemetry that told you that? But I think we designed ourselves into a bit of a thermal corner, if you will. We designed a system that we thought with the kind of GPUs that at the time we thought we needed, and that we thought we could well serve with a two GPU architecture… that that was the thermal limit we needed, or the thermal capacity we needed.

Being able to put larger single GPUs required a different system architecture and more thermal capacity than that system was designed to accommodate. So it became fairly difficult to adjust. At the same time, so many of our customers were moving to iMac that we saw a path to address many, many more of those that were finding themselves limited by Mac Pro through a next generation iMac.

And really put a lot of our energy behind that. In retrospect, that was… While that system is going to be fantastic for a huge number of customers, we want to do more. Why is there a gap? Is the CPU the gateway there? Or is it just design — you need more run-up to get it right? Make sure we land with an architecture and a design that has legs. Ina Fried Axios : Do you expect to be able to continue manufacturing in the U. That was the other big piece with the Mac Pro….

An evidence based response to good news – Phil Mac Giolla Bháin

About the software. Now and then we do get some questions about strategy and software for pros. I just want to reiterate our strong commitment there, as well. Both with Final Cut Pro 10 and Logic 10, there are teams on those software products that are completely dedicated to delivering great pro software to our customers. No foot off the gas there. No plan on slowing that down one bit. A growing group for us is software developers. Our dedication remains really strong on all of that.

And we always want to encourage the Mac team, that whatever products you make to make customers happy, that we do bold work. I think we hit most of the points we wanted to make. John Gruber Daring Fireball : Right out in the lobby was the original iMac G4, with the display on a hinge [ that one ].

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Would you compare the Mac Pro and the need to completely rethink it to that? You had a great idea, and a couple of us were saying that we loved that design! And what we discovered was that it was great for some and not others. Enough so that we need to take another path. The details are quite different. Craig Federighi: I think initially, certainly from a market reception point of view, the current Mac Pro design was well received.

But the architecture, over time, proved to be less flexible to take us where we wanted to go to address that audience. Now we are. How much of that is tied to actual design? I remember the triangle on the inside and the cone on the outside were very much tied together. John Ternus: The triangle you mentioned, the thermal core, is designed to have three fairly similar loads — similarly balanced in power.

And so the overall size of the product and the fan, that defines the overall thermal capacity for the enclosure. So, for certain classes a single bigger GPU would actually make more sense. The way the product was constructed was with these three balanced loads in mind. Matthew Panzarino TechCrunch : You probably did market research, you mentioned you went out to pros and talked to them. What applications did you find were the most lacking? John Ternus: I think some of the science and technology of those types of applications certainly. There are heavy 3D graphics or graphics and compute that mix loads.

Lance Ulanoff Mashable : Going back to what you were talking about with the iMac and the MacBook Pro — when you talk about a Mac Pro-specific display, with whatever you do as the box. Would you consider a touch display? Phil Schiller: No [laughter]. We think both iMac and Mac Pro are going to be important for pro desktops. Ina Fried Axios : You mentioned touch. But do you think this segment of creative people exists? Or is it just not of interest in general? Craig Federighi: I would say that talking to some of those same people in video production, illustration and so forth, they are very excited with the iPad in that context.

The iPad Pro, the Pencil, seem to have really hit the mark with that audience. Phil Schiller: Exactly. We still think that Mac makes for the best personal computer operating system because it is designed around that, first and foremost — with its Cocoa interface, its indirect manipulation with a mouse, its trackpad and the things you do let us design a system best used for those kinds of applications.

And iOS, with its Cocoa touch-based experience is built all around that and is based on the system best optimized for that. So we can make the best of each, rather than a lowest common denominator that would compromise each. So all of our customers should feel free to buy multiple products [laughter]. We encourage that. Everyone looks at the curves going up. As you guys look at different trends that are taking over, do you see ARM-based chips playing a role in desktops and Macs in the future?

But it brings some of the authentication, the Secure Enclave processor, for instance, out of our iPhone SoCs and makes them available on the Mac. So we see a really interesting complementary role for our silicon working with Intel. And we certainly work with Intel on our needs to deliver chips into our Mac roadmap and we see that continuing. Ina Fried Axios : It sound like you see that for the near future being a complementary role, versus —.

Based on your learnings, are you seeing that as having a place in the iMac or the Mac Pro? The paradigm of a combination of an interactive changeable display and physical keys. That it is intuitive for everybody in general and specifically does give some incredible capabilities for pro users. So we can put energy into making them really great. Great performance, great quality, great innovative features. If you dilute too far, those become counterproductive with each other.

So we work hard at trying to do both.