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Those applications will need to be updated by their developers. I have the Eye One Photo. So I looked around the Xrite site and saw that the spectrophotometer used with I1 Photo Pro appears from the outside, at least to be the same one used with Eye One Photo. I am currently using Adobe Illustrator I have been using Illustrator for at least 25 years and I am trying to decide what Illustrator to use with a new macbook pro.

My old computer is running snow leopard and the illustrator My new computer is running What would suggest that I do?

LR 3.6: display bug - osx 10.7.4 - development tab

Do you think that Thanks for any suggestions you might have. It looks like Illustrator If you need to run Illustrator on your Lion Mac reliably right now, CS5 would be the version to use, and the only one available to buy new. Good luck! You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. DiskWarrior: Version 4. Older versions of Office, particularly those based on PowerPC code, may not run.

Spread the word! If you purchased Photoshop as standalone software in the past, your best bet is to use the installation disc that came with your purchase. If you purchased it as a digital download from a vendor such as Amazon, you can typically access your previous digital purchases through your account page on their website in the category "Digital Content" in the menu item "Manage Your Content and Devices". Thank you for your help, but all that seems to be available through Adobe Creative Cloud is Photoshop CC which requires a newer operating system.

Upgrading to OS X Lion: Potential problems and how to avoid them - ExtremeTech

I tried to download the free trail and just got a message that my operating system was not adequate for it. System requirements Photoshop. So where can I get the version? All I see on Creative Cloud is the version which is not compatible. Then there's a drop down in that section and one of the options is "View Previous Versions".

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When you select that, then you can click on the "Install" button next to Photoshop and select "CC ". The website very helpfully sarcastic states this, and then I can't even download it With no alternatives. HI Gener, Thanks for the quick reply But if I could actually install that apple menu taskbar I would do this, I can't even get that far, what gives? I can't download the desktop application, I can't install it, I can't do anything Any ideas would be helpful. I have a super high spec machine, I don't need a new machine.

All I want is Adobe CC, even if it's slightly older. I am running this on Chrome, Mac osx I don't believe a different browser will help.

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  5. It downloaded. Wow, they should have this link on that dead end screen.

    Adobe Creative Suite's Lion limitations

    Ok, once installed and you are signed in, you can then get CC downloaded and installed. You'll want Bridge CC as well. It can be a maze sometimes, but glad we could get you through it. Now you can get to what you do best with it! Adobe error "Case-sensitive drives not supported" or similar install error Mac OS.